Summer Job!

I have never hada a Summer job but I applied for the position of a waitress ata busy resturaunt and I have been offered the job!!I know this sounds ridiculous but Im afraid to take the job because of my diabetes…I don’t really feel my lows and I am afraid to test my bloods in this job s I will be around food and I heard that its very energetic and you dont get a break…its a 6 hour shift…I know I should’t let diabetes hold me back but all I can think about is me collapsing from a hypo…I know I probably sound really pathetic but its how I feel!!

I say go for it.
Jobs are scarce for so many nowadays, and you shouldnt be afraid to let your diabetes get in the way! Test when you have breaks, test on the way there and before heading home and make the necessary adjustments you need to get by. Shouldnt take too long to assess how much the exercise is going to affect you. Have fun!

Thanks Laura…I think you are right…I will accept the job!

Accept the job, first of all. Jobs are hard to come by in this economy.

Second, in the US, you are protected by federal and state workplace laws, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you ask your employer for a scheduled, short break to test your blood sugar, he or she is likely required by law to do so (if it’s found to be a “reasonable accomodation” under the ADA, or if your state requires periodic breaks, as many do). Your employer also cannot fire you for being diabetic or condition your job offer on it. My advice is to approach your new employer and matter-of-factly ask him if you can take a short break at the three-hour mark to test your blood sugar. Most employers are reasonable and will let you do this, but you have some legal protections in case he or she doesn’t.

Thank you for your reply.I appreciate the advice!

If you don’t take a break, take a couple glucose tabs every half hour. Can you set your average/target a little higher? The exercise you get will be great. Do you know what amount of glucose to take to raise you 40 mg/dL? Do you know how far down you go with 1/2 hour on your feet? Do those tests and then use that to keep your glucose up. Just a thought. Best wishes on the job!