Sunbathing & OmniPod

I have been using the OmniPod (OP) since the end of 2008. I am skeptical and can not get a straight answer from OP about how it works during the summer months at the beach or pool. I enjoy sunbathing at the beach and pool but I am concerned that the OP will get too hot and not work. Has anyone else encountered this? What do my fellow sun bathers & OP users do during summer months?

I wasn’t sunbathing exactly, but just enjoying the sunshine over the weekend. Saturday afternoon I sat on our back porch which faces south for several hours doing some knitting. Yesterday I noticed that my bg was much higher than usual and it was not due to my food choices. I suspect that the pod got too warm, but I can’t prove it for sure. I have to change pods this morning so will see what the rest of the day brings. I hope you find your answers as the sunshine sure felt good after a long winter here in northern Illinois.


I too am wondering about sunbathing with the Pod, and am curious as to where people wear it while on a beach vaca? Under a one piece, perhaps? How about a bikini? I’m wondering if covering it with something while soaking up the rays would work? Sorry I don’t have any info Melinda, but I’m hoping someone will fill us in!!

Thanks for not leaving me hanging out there by myself Gina! Glad I’ve got a beachgoer pal!! I am thinking if the sun is beaming on the pod (if the pod is under the swimsuit) then that would warm the insulin. I don’t want to go back to traditional shots during the summer, but I enjoy beaching it so much. I hope someone out there can help us!!

I think your body at 98.6 degrees will have an adverse reaction to the heat of the sun. Even though it will heat your body some, I don’t think it can heat your body past the body’s ability to help keep the insulin cool enough to not go bad.

If your brain begins to fry or you get heat stroke, you’ll probably need to be suspicious of you insulin.

thanks for that thought. I am going to try it this summer and let you guys know what happens.

Hmmmm I don’t know whether it would be the pod that gets too hard and stop working or if it’s the insulin that gets too warm and stop working. I would think that it’s the insulin!!! But I don’t know these are some good questions!!! Hope someone can find the right answers soon, not that it’s been very sunny here in rainy NY

I am pleased to say that I have not had any trouble with sun bathing and the Omni Pod. Things have been as smooth as usual with the Pod. I usually lay out for about 2 hours and flip sides every 30 - 45 minutes. I also dip in the pool or ocean to cool off.

I went to Mexico in April and wore my omnipod all throughout (in the pool and ocean for about 6 hours a day) I checked often, didn’t have much trouble. I would just advise checking your BS often and if you notice anything out of the ordinary change pods? I hope this helps…

I don’t sunbathe, but I am out in the heat and sun on my bike or when running for several hours at a time…I try not to have it in direct sun, but obviously keeping it under something dark colored is not great either, since it will likely transfer the heat…I use Apidra, and while I LOVE it, think it has a shorter tail, and begins acting faster than other analog insulins, it has been my experience that it is slightly more suceptible to the heat. I’m not sure what you’re using, but it’s something to think about.
I think keeping the pod away from direct sunlight or at least limiting it’s time in the sun is probably your best bet. Maybe lay a small hand towel or washcloth (white maybe, to reflect the heat better?) over the pod while laying out? And then as someone else mentioned, just be sure to check a littler more frequently to make sure it’s still working properly…
I spent a few summers working at a boy scout ranch in new mexico, backpacking all summer. I went to shots during that time, but I could carry my insulin unrefrigerated for weeks at a time out in the backcountry, as long as I was careful about keeping it cool in the center of my pack, and in the shade when possible.

I am out in the sun quite a bit during the summer time and have had no problems… The CDE also told me that it was OK to tan in a tanning bed if I wanted, so the sun should be no big deal!!

Do not be skeptical! I spend the weekends in our pool in hotter-than-you-know-what south Texas. I have been on a long vacation the last two weeks to celebrate my wife’s graduation from her medical residency with extensive pool and beach time in Vegas and Grand Cayman. The pod hasn’t missed a beat.

Don’t worry about hiding the pod. Mine is on my arm most of the time, or otherwise visible when wearing a bathing suit. Don’t feel the need to protect people from their ignorance, and answer questions enthusiastically if they ask. Reasonable minds might differ, but I feel compelled to teach people about the pump to make it easier on all of us. People usually find it fascinating.

I just came back from my first vacation with the Pod in the Carribean. I was there for a week and had absolutely NO problem with being in and out of the ocean, pool, and sun bathing for 3 days. However, one word of caution… u WILL GET a lovely Pod tan mark!! I only wear mine on my lower back (Yes it was showing to the public, but I didn’t care), so i tried to not ly on my stomach too much and if i did i was sure to put my cover-up or T-shirt over my pod to not get the tan lines. (You also don’t want to expose the insulin directly to the hot sun for too many hours straight). It worked somewhat, but I couldn’t avoid the Pod tanlines all together. But, you just have to laugh about it. Vacation was sooo much better on the Pod!