Getting ready for summer

Getting ready for summer any advice for semi newbies with the pod

Personally, I do nothing different over the summer. It's business as usual for me. I guess I'm s active (or not, lol) in the winter as the summer so things stay pretty much the same.

I always prefer Summer, because of it being easier to get to pod location places without the need to undress so much :)

If you have sticking problems, Summer might make that a challenge. Search around these forums for the different products that many of us use for keeping the pods attached to skin better. My solution is a liberal application of the Tegaderm patches.

Also, keep the pods out of direct sunlight. Insulin handles body heat OK for a few days, but won't survive the heat of the sun for very long at all.

I live in Wisconsin in the summer and Florida in the winter, so I try to have as much "summer" year-round as possible. I find very little difference in dealing with the summer warmth. Pods staying on are never a problem for me; if they become a problem for you, I agree with earlier advice to just check this forum. Lots of products are out there that will help.

Think about your plans. If you are going to do anything strenuous with your arms, you might want to place the Pod on your abdomen or back during that time.

If you enjoy swimming, note that Insulet only guarantees the Pod underwater for 30 minutes; however, I know that many people have stayed submerged for longer than that. Check on the depth that you can dive with the OmniPod. I know there is a restriction, but I do not recall what that is since I am not a scuba diver. Rejoice that with the Pod, you can swim while still getting your basal rate, unlike people with tubed pumps who have to "disconnect" during showers and swimming.

Enjoy the sunshine, stay hydrated, and remember that if you tan with the Pod exposed, you will have a funky pattern on you when you remove the Pod!

I use a bit of skin tac in the summer. Thats all I do differnt.

I'm pretty sure insulet's 30 minutes underwater rule relates more to the adhesive than the pod itself. The pods are sealed really well, I'd bet they could be underwater all day without any issues. It's the adhesive I always have problems with after 20 or 30 minutes in the water if I don't use any additional products to keep it there longer.

Skin tac worked just ok for me, but seems to lose it's effectiveness after an hour or two of being wet, and it started to irritate my skin. What I have found most effective so far is opsite flexifit. I attach the pod to myself, and then use some 4 by.5 inch strips of flexifit over the top of the adhesive backing part of the pod, but not on top of the pod itself.

As others have said if you have adhesive issues, just search the forum and you'll find no shortage of opinions/ideas/products to try.

I've never personally had any issues with insulin going bad while inside an active pod. Even on vacation when I'm out in the 90-100 degree heat multiple days in a row. In my experience, as long as the vials are stored properly, sunlight hasn't been an issue.