Sun and diabetes?

I was wondering if anyone has trouble with their BG and prolonged exposure to the sun? Usually when I'm active and outside, I expect to see a low,and most of the time I do. Yet, I've noticed if I'm outside and in the sun for more than a few hours my Bg spikes 400 and I have small keytones. I guess what I'm asking is can the mixture of heat and direct sun affect my insulin abortion?
I do have an insulin pump and every time this happens my first thought is the site has malfunctioned. I end up giving insulin with my pump and my Bg comes right back down, so I know it's not the site. I'm asking because I've made a goal this year to bring my A1C down to 6% and I can't have a 400 Bg every few days. So any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated! =)

What kind of pump do you use? I just switched from my minimed to the omnipod. When the trainer came to my house to check my settings for my new pod, (I switched myself over I waited almost a year for the omnipod and once I had it i refused to wait another few days for someone to do what I could.) Anyway she mentioned about being careful with it in the heat because if it gets too warm the insulin will start to break down. And then isnt as effective.

I too just switched from a Minimed to an Omipod. In fact this is my second week with it. So maybe my insulin is getting too warm? Is there anything to help stop that from happening?

cover the pod? or put it in an area that isn't in the direct sunlight like your thigh or back of your arm? that should help.