Sunday Laughs! 29 things...Just for fun

This made me think of the full moon this weekend…!
#5. The phrase “once in a blue moon” is a reminder that it’s time to change your lancet.

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Hahah. #28 :slight_smile: Mine butter container is usually packed with Lantus, and then I have a cup with un-boxed (but still foil wrapped) Penfil Cartridges on the door as well.

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Butter! I guess people with diabetes are not supposed to keep butter! Lol! I don’t know why even after seeing these silly cartoons, they still make me laugh some days! Thanks for humoring me! Hugs!

I bypassed the entire butter conundrum. I got one of those little mini-fridges and parked it here in the office. So my meds do not share space with the groceries.

Yup, butter drawer–no butter in there. Also, since I started using a mail-order service, I have a big ziplock back with 3 months’ worth of Novolog boxes in the crisper. And some of the others rang true, some didn’t, but it’s funny how often I’ve had exactly this thought:

20.CSI would have a very hard time ‘investigating the scene’ at your house.

No matter how many times boxed vials of Apidra have fallen to the floor when someone overzealously opens the fridge door, I will continue to keep my daughter’s insulin in the butter compartment. It just somehow seems wrong to keep it anywhere else.

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens (it’s just a matter of time!) the butter compartment will be the first place I look when I break into abandoned houses in search of food and D supplies…

Well, that’s probably a good, pragmatic strategy.