Funny Little Thing

Whatever, you normal people keeping your insulin in your pancreas. I keep mine in the butter compartment! I am so awesome that I don't need to make my own insulin! I can be alive, healthy, and outdo any of you so called "healthy" people any day. Psh, who needs a working pancreas; not me!

I'm so strong that I can have a disease and still live a normal life. I'm ALL that! I was taking my own shots and pricking my own fingers at nine years old. Nothing hurts me! Nothing can bring me down. I am invincible. I bleed on purpose at least four times a day, and I don't flinch one bit.

I’m so smart that I often know more about diabetes than nurses and doctors!

I can school you on foods and nutrition!

What? You broke a bone? Let me tell you how it feels to have heart failure, neuropathy, eye surgery without a nerve block…

So you complain that you had to get a flu shot…I take six shots…EVERY DAY.

I’m so brave, I go everyday playing a roulette game with my blood sugar. Will it go too low? Will it go too high? Can I keep it normal? Will I wake up in the morning or will I be in a diabetic coma? Who knows!

I’m so badass I live off of vegetables! I’m so awesome I shun junk food and it doesn’t phase me. I’m not one of you pansies who’s addicted to carbs. “Oh, my, I would just die if I couldn’t have my doughnut every morning.”. “I just can’t imagine never having mashed potatoes ever again.” Ha! It’s so easy for me!

I’m the greatest superhero! I fight death and destruction everyday! There is a war going on inside my body and it’s up to me and only me to fight it. If I slack just one tiny bit, the evil bad guy, Diabetes, will get the upper hand and could kill or maim me in the blink of an eye.

I am tireless, I am enduring, I am steadfast. I have to be because diabetes is chronic, diabetes is forever, diabetes is destructive. And if I give up, it will be the end of me.

Don’t ever think that I am sick. Don’t ever think that I am weak. Don’t ever tell me not to take some time to cry out the frustration and exhaustion from fighting this never ending battle. Don’t ever think I am playing it up. For every struggle you do know about, there are a million more that I don’t show.

I am strong! I am forever fighting. I am brave! I am diabetic.


You are ALL that for sure Tamra. You are also my new hero and a total inspiration. I thought I had some badass bootstraps, yours are WAY better :)

LOL, Thank you!

Love your style Tamra!

Thank you!

Love this blog!!! may need to read this everyday!