Supa kwik update on school

so i should be in bed sleeping since i have tomorrow morning, but i’ve been pretty scarce since i started, so i thought i would pop in with a quick update.

i’m pretty good at all this “cooking” business they keep making us do and have yet to cut myself. i still wonder when i can bake though. so far it’s all chop, chop, chop, akim, skim, skim, whisk, whisk, whisk, munch, munch, munch. not bad, but not really me. i did, however, saw through a huge fricken femur when we broke down bones for brown stock. it was sweet and it was manual.

i thought being on my feet running (not really running) around a kitchen all day would be worse, but i’m doing fine with that and my blood sugars are always better on school days even when we get to eat (and oh, how i love that part of school). it’s the stress and frustration of dealing with people that gets to me. i just get so ticked that i lose my zen. i’m working on it though and chef knows i’m having some trouble and is helping me to work on it.

in the long run i know those little pitfalls don’t matter as long as i can come home to my hunny and my cuties. and the occasional foot rub doesn’t hurt either.