Superbowl Eating = Not Good

Click over to my blog for the picture… karma really is a ■■■■■.

I think the picture is self-explanatory. This is an hour after taking an extra unit because I felt like…

Never ever make any statements like that out loud for the diabetes gods to hear. It reminds them that they haven’t messed with you in a while.

on the glass half full side, i’m ketone negative

1.5 hours later, back to 85 with one helluva migraine!

LOL, I was freaking out about a 157. It’s very persistent, likely the slow hand of the beans and meat on the nachos? hmmmm… Oh well…

Mine was hamburger soup (kidney beans, carrots, potatoes, celery, onion, tomatoes, broth, sause and hamburger), and lil smokeys and salsa. Missed the dose by 1 unit. I’m that damn sensitive (1/20, correction 1 unit for 100)