Supernanny episode about family touched by type 1 diabetes - your thoughts

Yesterday, ABC’s Supernanny showcased a family touched by type 1 diabetes. You can watch the whole episode (ironically sponsored by Di Giorno pizza) online:

What are your thoughts about the show?

it doesn’t appear on my laptop since iam not in the US :frowning:
maybe you can download it with realplayer and show it here?
oh,thanks for the vid :slight_smile: even though i haven’t seen it YET

Perhaps you could view it on Hulu


I’m type 2.

It was a good show on type 1 in families with information that was presented in a correct manner.

I liked the way the carbs & insulin balance was explained with the puppets. That looked fun.
The stars on the plates was a great idea. Less fighting over eating and less focus on food.

The young boy would pick up how worried his parents were about his diabetes; he would worry about his diabetes and about his parents worrying. It was nice the list of diabetes and the video made for the boy from the snowboarder.

As for the sponsor being DiGiorno, the DiGiorno Flatbread pizzas do not spike me; thin crust made of wheat.

I love the finger puppet thing. I finally realized that my diabetes was something to worry about when I was in seventh grade. where was Jo when I was diagnosed?

Thanks for sharing, as I hadn’t heard about this yet. I think they did a nice job and gave some great advice.

they did a really good job of explaining T1D…i wish i had finger puppets when i was diagnosed lol

I liked it, but I did start crying when the sister said " it’s been kinda hard to laugh and have fun with diabetes" That was so sad.

Great show, I wanted to get a hold of the mother and introduce her to Tudiabetes. Maybe you (manny) can do that. The show was awesome and informative.

I can’t see it either Saya. Hulu is also protected to only within the USA. If anyone finds a way to watch it outside of the USA, please let us know!

Glad to read that there was a good presentation of type 1 diabetes on the air.

Great idea, Patty!

Super Nanny rocks. She should be an honorary Tu D member.

Yikes…can’t view it either…

I think this will work, I embedded the video on my page. If you need to be a friend to view, all are welcome send invit.

Thanks for trying this Keith!!

But unfortunately it is still protected that way. I was once able to view something by hiding my IP address, but this is not advised.

try the hulu link someone posted.

I wish there was a way to reach out to the mother. I think she still is under the impression that diabetes means death. :frowning:

I thought the explanation of Type 1 was excellent and yes, the puppets were super cute!
But for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why they focused so much on the food. Why did they make their child eat the entire plate? Couldn’t they just dose after? My son was dx’d last year at 10 years old and if he fell short of food carbs and had already dosed we would give him a juice box. Thank goodness for pumping! I hope that becomes an option for that family :slight_smile:

oh manny :slight_smile:
sorry for the trouble
i downloaded it through torrent
thanks for giving the name of the episode
i am gonna watch it now :]
here is the torrent i downloaded it from"

I uploaded the video, in the video section for everyone!!

This sounds really interesting! Wish I could view it from outside the U.S. Somehow the uploaded video still knows I’m not in the U.S. and is not showing for me. :frowning: