Hi Tu family
Did we have something in place for people to exchange supplies? I just changed from a Medtronic pump to a pod and have tons of supplies... I think we have a place to here for that. I wouldn't want them to go to waste but also could really use some help with my test strips. I can't afford to keep buying them! Maybe someone who is on a CGM who doesn't test as much....
Thanks everyone

You posted in the right place, Ali. Now someone who could use what you have or can offer what you need will post here or contact you through PM to make it happen. I'm sorry but I am in neither category myself. I am wondering: don't you have a prescription for test strips? Nobody should have to pay for them on their own. If your doctor doesn't write for enough, talk to him/her about a letter of necessity requesting your insurance to cover more. If you need more than you get, E-Bay is a good place to buy them cheaper.

Hi....just wanted to post a copy of a portion our Tu terms....

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Long story short....we cannot exchange materials here.

Is this a new policy, Linda? I've seen this type of exchange here many times before. Isn't that what the category is for? I wouldn't have suggested it if I hadn't seen it before.I'm confused.

I'd suggest a few things:

1. Ask your diabetes educator and/or primary physician if they need extra pump supplies for their patients . I hated the pump and tried a few infusion sets and had a TON of samples left so I donated them to my diabetes educator so she could use them to train people or if someone needed an infusion set (like my endo, who's a type 1 using the pump...). Chances are , someone in your diabetes team would love some extra things to train people with. My diabetes educator needed smaller infusion sets for smaller adults and younger people (she only had 9mm infusion sets which weren't friendly to children or me as a small young adult) so it was a good thing I had some.

2. Look into organizations that take pump supplies such as Charles Ray III/CR3 . They will likely take your supplies if no one else will.

Also , on your test strips, which ones are you using? Abbott has a program for freestyle strips called the Freestyle Promise where you get a $15 copay for your strips. Bayer has one for their strips that gives you a $25 copay. Those are the two I can think of off hand. If nothing else, look into Relion meters at walmart, their strips cost less than $50 for 100 on every meter they have , I think? Like the prime is $9.99 for 50 strips.

I understand just trying to help. I can bring them to my endos office and I'm sure they can find a home to someone in need. Sorry!

I test too much and the insurance will not fill my script :( I have an override and everything but this new Obama care thing has been a nightmare.
Thank you!'s a link that might be of great help....

Here are a couple of ideas for donating unused/unexpired supplies:" http://www.ifl

Also check with your nearest VA. Usually the doctors office won't accept your supplies because there is some worry over ethics/insurance paid RX products/distribution of same/etc...

I see some possible confusion here. To clarify:

What the Terms of Service prohibit is the exchange of prescription items. So you can't trade insulin, or other prescription items. Non prescription stuff, e.g., glucose tablets or test strips, are okay. So Zoe may be thinking of instances when people have exchanged "safe" things. But Rx items are a big no-no.

And no, the policy is not new. Been there since the creation.

After a bad insurance experience a few years back, I became a small-scale hoarder. If I come out with some extra strips I simply ask personally in a PM or two if any of my friends need strips and exchange addresses. I don't think this is a problem....