Survey about BG monitoring practices

Please take a moment to share your thoughts and practices regarding daily glucose monitoring. Your effort will assist a pre-clinical diabetes technology company currently working on a bloodless glucose monitor. They are interested in using the results to help understand patient demographics, attitudes and usage information for current meters in order to create the best possible product for patients in the future.

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Disclaimer: The company behind this survey is not affiliated with Diabetes Hands Foundation or TuDiabetes in any way.

This survey has been approved by TuDiabetes Administration.

What the heck are they referring to in the survey when they ask about “bloodless glucose monitoring”?

Is this code for CGM or does it refer to something else. And if it is CGM how is that connected to what I think about my BG meter? :confused:

Not sure how accurate their survey is going to be if others are as confused by what that term refers to as I was. :disappointed:

I think they mean non invasive, no blood letting

For example an eye lense like the one Google is working on.

I’m guessing it’s something along the lines of what Azurite Technologies and GlucoTrack are creating.

Or Abbot Flash Glucose Monitoring.

One serious deficiency in this survey is that it should (but does not) contain the question “Do you use continuous glucose monitoring”. Clearly, using CGM will have an impact on the frequency and attitude to finger stick glucose monitoring. Any results that do not take this into account are likely to be skewed by responses from CGM users

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Yes, exactly.

I think I initially assumed that “bloodless glucose monitoring” was (possibly) referring to CGM. Then I decided, no, that doesn’t make sense. Then I flipped back to just being confused and unsure. The answers I gave probably were inconsistent because as I took the survey I kept flip-flopping on what I thought I was being asked.

Probably an example of something that seems so obvious to the person asking the question that it never occurs to them that they might need to explain what they are actually talking about. :disappointed:

It’s been several days since I filled out the survey but I think I took this as referring to a hypothetical device–would bloodless monitoring be desirable or important? Sure.

Surveys are not perfect and often are limited for space, filter analysis, and in an effort to kiss. LOL When I choose to participate in a survey, I keep my expectations at the measure of none. That way I won’t be disappointed, the survey will get honest feedback, and maybe…just maybe the idea being surveyed will offer a result.

I’d love a non invasive fast cheap accurate glucose monitoring whatever.


I think you guys have great feedback for the folks who created this survey! I’ll pass it along. As @karen57 notes above, creating a good survey is harder than it sounds, and I bet the folks behind this one will appreciate your thoughts.

Yes, I recall thinking somewhat along those lines during the early questions in the survey.

But then they had that “cute” little ranking bit at the end where you were to rank the relative importance to you of 10 attributes in order from 1 to 10. I didn’t know how to fit the “bloodless” thing into that. So even though I’d been giving “Great! Neato!” responses about it earlier, I ranked it near the bottom in terms of priority because, well, it didn’t really mean anything to me. Just a dream.

I suppose if lancing a finger bothered me more … or at all, really. But I wouldn’t be testing my BG 7 or 8 or more times a day if I was bothered enough by it to be, uh, bothered. :unamused:

I actually ranked it low in that ranking question too, since there are a lot of other things I care about more. Likewise I’ve been jabbing my fingers 5-8 x/day for decades. if it had ever been a huge issue for me it sure isn’t at the top of the list now.

I’m with you guys. I’m not sure I could possibly care any less about pricking my fingers. I don’t like having to stop whatever else I’m doing for it, but the prick itself (LOL!) doesn’t bother me in the least.

Sounds like they didn’t get input from PWD…creating surveys involves knowing EXACTLY what information you need, recognizing and appreciating people’s time; and knowing your audience. If the creators take less time to develop the survey than it will take for someone to complete it, well, phooey on them…lol.