Any estimate for the amount of carbs in sushi ? Or how it affects BG after a few hours ? I believe it’s a pretty healthy food.



If it is just fish, it shouldn’t have any carbs. The addition of rice, sauces or other things could make the carb count go up.

If protein tends to raise your BG, than yes, sushi might push it up some. If protein doesn’t have much of an effect on you, than you should be fine.

I think its the vinegar rice in the sushi has the carbs…but in itself or sashimi, in moderation, its healthy. I particularly like salmon, tuna or scallop.

go w/ the sashimi - the fish w/o the rice or reduce the number of rolls you do eat. I LOVE sushi but the rice does not love me often get a spike after eating. the sticky rice they use is worse than regular rice (for me at least)

Sushi rice makes my BG spike 4-5 hours after eating it. In a big way. If you have a pump, using a really long extended dual wave or square wave bolus helps.

I have the same problems as other people are having…I go really high a several hours after sushi…I do tend to like the rolls, and sometimes get tempura fillings, which doesn’t help. I don’t know how many carbs there are in sushi, but it is always more than I think!

OMG. Sushi. I love sushi. Sushi is actually about the rice, not the fish. Sushi rice is made with vinegar and typically sugar. Thus the rice can be even worse than you thought in terms of carbs. I make it at home and have found that you can adequately substitute splenda or stevia for the sugar, but you still have to count the carbs. My experience is that for the most part, sushi behaves just like white rice in terms of glucose response.

My strategy for sushi is to prepare maki sushi rolls that fill my carb quota counting each roll (six pieces) as 25g total for small (like tuna) up to 40g for a larger roll (like salmon and avocado). I will then prepare sashimi with the rest of the fish to round out the meal.

Another low carb option is to prepare a sashimi roll, slice cucumber into thin sheets and roll it around sashimi.

totally not answering your questions, but you guys are making me so friggin hungry. stop it!

+! yep definitely having sashimi tonight

Thanks for the answers guys … lets ask for someone to invent carb free sushi for next year !!

I love sushi…but unfortunately sushi hates me. But it is still very doable.

Here’s my advice…

If you’re at a sushi restaurant, sit at the bar so that you can make special requests. Get to know the sushi chefs, and over time they will get to know your ordering style. The best way to make nice with the chefs?..offer to split a beer (light beer) with them.

Start off with miso soup, and order some sashimi slices right off the bat. Some spots offer a sashimi salad, or you can order chirachi (sashimi over rice) and limit the amount of rice you take in. I found a place that will make me a brown rice chirachi bowl, which might garner some weird looks from sushi snobs, but hey we’re diabetics…we should be used to that :wink:

I recommend hand rolls because you can ask for “just a little” rice, or in my case, no rice at all…just some veggie garnish. Yes I know that a spicy tuna hand roll with no rice seems a little rough, but it’s not that bad and very good for you.

Sushi for diabetics is all about customization and shifting the protein to carb ratio. But please, under any circumstances, never remove the topping or the filling from a piece of sushi and leave the rice on the plate. That is a huge disgrace to any sushi chef.

I’m going to be eating plenty of sushi on New Year’s Day in celebration of Oshogatsu. it’s the white rice that will kill you. There’s about 45 grams of carbs in 2/3 cup of white rice, so I estimate 10 carbs per sushi item.

Sashimi, on the other hand, I consider safe. No rice.


LOL…I think you would have to ask someone to make a carb-free rice instead =) That would be supeb!

I love sushi and like everyone else, it doesn’t love me back. There is a sushi bar where I live that does dollar sushi nights, and you can eat all the sushi you possibly can stand and not break ten bucks, including miso soup! I usually set my extended bolus for a 60/40 split over 3 hours and bolus for 100 carbs. Once I start going high, and it happens everytime, I correct the highs.

Terry, are you saying that you count each sushi piece as 10 carbs? I think that might actually work for me if it is the case…

i find its normally 10 grams per average size piece, it doesnt make me spike but all foods affect different people differently

Thanks Sophie!

Man, how I love sushi!

Sushi rice is higher carbs than regular white rice & sugar is added to the rice (along with rice vinegar).

There are two major kinds of sushi, maki sushi (round slices from a "roll) and ngiri sushi (a ball of rice). I might count a piece of Ngiri sushi as 10 g carbs, but 8-9 g carbs is probably more accurate. I still would count maki sushi as 25-40 g/roll or about 4-7g/piece. Although I like Ngiri, I can eat “more” sushi with maki, so I fill my carb limit with maki. I found a good discussion of sushi and the carbs here ( and also note that it has detailed info on the sushi at whole foods. I will often make/order sushi with brown rice if it is available which reduced the glycemic impact. If you go to a traditional place, make a gently inquiry about brown rice.

ARGGHHH! This will be the first oshogatsu since mid-October diagnosis, and I am torn!

How cruel it is to be Japanese and not be able to eat white/sushi rice!

I guess I’ll just drown my sorrows in sashimi but I cannot turn down the azuki beans – guess I have a half-marathon in my not-so-distant future!


had sushi last night…thought about this post :slight_smile:

even with white rice i was able to manage on only 5u Humalog. 140 three hours later, 102 this morning.