Suspension & CGM data stream

I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere, but I didn't see any discussions that looked like it. I'm at the beginning of my research into possibly getting a pump and was interested in the Vibe because of the Dexcom integration. But then I was reading a review and it said that when you suspend insulin delivery, the CGM data stream is also suspended until you restart the insulin. Does that really happen? Am I reading it correctly? You have no CGM signal simply because you've stopped the insulin? If so, I think that's a deal breaker for me on the Vibe!

I learned this last night! Yes unfortunately you do loose the Dexcom when it is suspended. Huge design/function flaw. I must say I am disappointed in the Vibe… Good luck with your pump research and choice!

I have the ping, and Dexcom G4. I have decided I like them apart. The more I read in all my diabetic sites I am staying with what I have. I figured there were going to be lots of bugs to work out. I love both of mine, and I have the choice. I also heard the read out is different. My A1C was 7.2, and 11 weeks with my G4 my A1C went to 6.5. I love my G4 and my ping. Thank heavens we are all different. This just works perfectly for me.

Thanks for the confirmation. It does seem like a really silly design choice, but it also makes me realize I don't think the pump itself could ever totally replace the Dex receiver. For example, it's likely I'll suspend the pump to work out, but I wouldn't want the carry the pump around just for the CGM even if it did have the readout.

Thanks for the input. I'm still going to check out the Ping - if I can ever get an Animas rep to respond to me!

Yes exactly!!! I highly rely on the Dex while I’m exercising even just swimming in my pool. definitely a disappointment. I used Medtronic before this and definitely considering going back. Trying to give the Vibe a fair chance but I think the way all the functions on it are set out are silly. I was saying to my husband tonight don’t they have diabetics try them and give them feed back for improvements before releasing them? Many things I would have pointed out about the Vibe. I hope you find the perfect pump for you! Let us know what you decide on.

We have Vibe and receiver... the pump wouldn't be much use to me as a parent on its own. but my 13 yr old loves just the pump.

It does seem like having both would be perfect for a parent.

This is true. Discovering a lot about the Vibe now that I have it and dislike it. Not sure if you saw my discussion thread from yesterday on the downfalls. This is definitely one of them and so far Animas won't let me go back to the Ping, so best of luck in your research in order to make the right decision for you!!!

I have been using a Vibe for around 2 years now but as CGMS are not covered by any insurance or subsidised in any way I haven't used the Dexcom as yet. Why not set a temp basal rate of 0 units rather than suspend the pump, maybe CGMS data would still flow as the pump is not suspended, just not 'pumping' any insulin.

Echoing Glen here. I recommend that instead of suspending, you just set the Temp Basal to -100% (aka OFF). I haven't gotten my Vibe yet, but I'm assuming you'll still get the CGM data stream that way.

Also, as a side note, setting Temp Basal to -100% is how I always "suspend". Are there any advantages of using the actual Suspend feature. If I remember correctly back to when I first got my Ping, when I used Suspend there was no way to set a timer on it, and it would also alert me every X minutes, which was annoying

I have a Ping and looking at the temp basal screen the minimum I can set it to is -90% with the later warning that minimum basal rate is .0325. So how do you set it down to -100%?

Below -90% is OFF - we still get the warning but its off. For the amount of time set

Thanks, I wondered what OFF meant, the manual says nothing.

I've used OFF in TEMP Basal rather than suspend for years...
I prefer to have it timed to simply start back up at the selected time of .5/1.0/1.5 hours or whatever I've chosen. It's just safer and more efficient.

Me too. I never suspend the pump except when I download to Diasend. Other than that, I always set Temp Basals to Off. As others said, it is much safer than Suspend because you set the time for the Temp Basal and don’t have to remember to Resume Insulin Delivery on the pump.

Is anyone who has a Vibe and Dexcom able to confirm if the Dexcom data still transmitted even when thay have a -100% temp basal rate set?

yes - absolutely