New to Animas Pump

Hello I am new to the animas family, I am currently working on getting my pump and just want to find as much info as possible about them. I am working on getting the vibe without the CHM because it does cost a lot of money and it is money I don’t have. Just wondering what people who have the vibe like and don’t like about it. What infusion sets do you use? What works and what doesn’t. I am either going with the inset 30 or the soft compact. For those who use either one just wondering what they think of them and the pro and cons. :slight_smile: thank you for any input. Shannon

The Vibe without the CGM is called a Ping. I have had a Ping for 4 years and am in the process of getting another one as I'm not interested in a CGM either. I use the metal sets (Contact Detach). I tried all the plastic sets and found I regularly had problems with kinked canulas. With the metal sets that problem is gone and if I hit an area that is uncomfortable for some reason I just move it and tape it down elsewhere which isn't possible with the plastic sets. I thought it would be hard to put in the manual metal sets but it's very easy. I love my Ping and especially love the meter/remote (which the Vibe does not have, by the way).

I’m a Ping user contemplating going to the Vibe. I have been using Dexcom G4 CGM for the past 8 months and I love it. I have lowered my A1C by 1.2 points since using th CGM. The Ping has been great and Animas has been very respnsive. The downside of the Vibe is that you must look at the pump to see your BG reading instead of the Separate receiver. You are a winner whatever you decide.

Soon smartphone apps will also be deployed to help too.

I would go with the OneTouch (Animas) Ping rather than go with the Animas Vibe. Especially if you plan on not using the CGM capabilities. They are NOT the same pump.The VIBE does not equal the Ping. You would order a PING - but if you think you might eventually use the CGM capability, then order a VIBE. They have separate order numbers.

The main difference is that the PING allows you to bolus from the One Touch Ping meter. I love this feature and use it a lot and it is not available in the VIBE pump. This allows you to not have to remove your pump from your belt, bra to do a bolus during meals. All other capabilities are similar in both pumps.

Another feature I love is having small basal increments so I can do small adjustments.

I use the Inset infusion sets and have had great luck with them, others do not. According to the Animas website, they can send you samples with a prescription from your doctor. Some require metal sets as in Inset 30s.

You can also use a separate CGM unit - as I'm doing - with the Dexcom G4. This is the technology built into the VIBE. Some people find having the integrated device is important. I am sort of on the fence about it. I love my PING - in fact - this is my second one. I started on a Medtronic 508, went to a Paradigm, and then switched to an Animas 1250, to a PING, and then to another PING. If there is a time I cannot afford CGM, I can just continue pumping with my usual familiar pump.

Thank you everyone. I actually had the ping before and didn’t like it very much cause it had the meter remote and it was a pain in the butt to carry it round. I would rather just deal with the pump itself. It seems easier for me and I get hands on experience. Thanks for the inputs and def speak to my rep about it again. Hoping she is coming either tomorrow or sometime next week or so to teach me about how to use the onset 30’s and the one comfort comfort insets. See which one I like better and I know I can use them without any issues.

I have the Vibe without the CGM part - wish I did but it’s too expensive for me at the moment. The Vibe is my first pump but I love it. Been pumping for about 18 months now and about 15 months using contact detach infusion set. I discovered pretty early on that my body didn’t like the plastic cannula!

Ok. Good to know. I can’t have the steel needle because I usually have CT scans and X-Rays so I would have to remove it. I wouldn’t feel like putting a new one in every time I have to have a test like that done. I might try that one anyways.

Just out of curiosity, don't you usually carry your meter with you anyway for testing?

Yea depending where I am going I will bring my meter with me. Other then that it stays at home