Swimming goal

I had a great summer of swimming at outdoor pool & lakes. A few years ago, I started to get bursitis and cut back my pool time. Then I got my diabetes dx & was cautious about long swims. But summer 2012 was my best swimming in 15 years. No problems with my BGL.
So I have made it my goal to try and keep swimming throughout the year. Bought a pool pass & so far am maintaining my endurance in the water. Something new for 2012.

That's awesome! One of my buddies from work was suggesting I should do a triathlon with him but I was kind of *meh* about cutting into my summer running plans with particularly the swimming but the biking too. I don't swim that much as I don't want to be bothered upsetting my pump's applecart but I think it's great exercise and since you are getting going on it, it should be great for you!

That's awesome. I love the feeling of my skin after hopping out of the pool. There's nothing like it. I'm a Type 1 and I'm planning on doing the Swim Around Key West this year. It's a 12 mile swim around the island. I'll probably do the 3-person relay so that's a 4 mile swim. Never let diabetes stand in the way of anything you love :)

Gosh Erin: you're a serious swimmer. I just aim for a mile, though I realize I could increase distance next summer.
The other reason why my great swimming year feels so good is that I'm 1)doing this with diabetes; 2) improving my endurance while many of my 50-ish friends are starting to slack due to various aches & pains.

I don't think the "seriousness" has anything to do with the distance, just the "nut behind the wheel." If you aren't swimming a mile, that's a great goal and you can approach it just as seriously as Erin approaches swimming around Key West. Except with less sharks and jellyfish maybe, depending on where you are swimming!

I don't know much about swimming but it's an axiom about any type of program, running, walking, cycling, swimming (hey, this sounds like a triathlon...hmmm...) that "the hardest step is the first one" and, if you've already taken that step, you're on your way!!

I totally know what you're saying about peers having problems and being shut down as we age. We had kind of gone that direction in my old office, a lot of us were getting heavier. A whole bunch of people have switched things around to make positive changes. Not everyone is nutso about it but any steps you take (or strokes you swim?) are going to provide some feedback.

I like to think of myself as a "committed" to exercise. Part of why I successfully plug ahead is that I cross-train. Depending on the season, I might enjoy hiking, swimming, tennis, and cycling during a two-week period. And strength-training 1-2 week. So far, injury free. And I do not get bored.