Swimming today

I love when I set a goal like going swimming alone on a Saturday and actually stick to it! Getting to the pool is by far the biggest challenge for me. Relying on public transit, an hour-long swim takes me about two hours in total, which is a big time commitment. But it's the only form of exercise that I love doing (I love cycling outdoors, too, but can't do that independently due to my vision).

This morning I woke up just before 7:00 at 6.9 (124 mg/dl). I bolused a unit since I tend to rise a lot if I don't eat in the morning, but did not eat for two hours, by which time I had gone up to 8.4 (151 mg/dl). I had 20g for breakfast and two hours later was 9.4 (169 mg/dl), which I didn't correct since I was going swimming.

An hour later, on the way to the pool, I was 10.4 (187 mg/dl) so I did correct that with one unit. I swam 1 km which took me about 45 minutes. I went during the lane swimming period so had a lane to myself. After swimming, which was actually an hour and a half after my previous test, I was 3.9 (70 mg/dl) and ate one glucose tablet.

I stopped at the library on the way home to pick up some books on hold. Sunny weather, swimming, and a library visit ... the only thing that could make the day more perfect would be going for coffee with a friend! About an hour and a half after finishing swimming I tested at 4.2 (76 mg/dl), and I'm now having an apple and some other food I can scrounge up for lunch (I need to go grocery shopping this evening).