Swimming with a CGM

Does anyone have any experience with swimming with the Minimed CGM? Either in salt water or in pools?

Hi Jonathan,
Has anyone written back to you? I have worn the Minimed CGM while swimming in a pool and out in the lake. I unhood the wires (for the delivery of insulin) and then put the pump/CGM into a waterproof pouch that I got at REI (the brand is Aquapack, they are designed for cell phones or cameras) and then I tuck it into my triathlon suit so it’s near the sensor which I have covered with several pieces of tegaderm tape to keep it dry. One thing my brother discovered he needed to do was wear his triathlon suit while swimming in the pool so that the sensor would stay on his body while in the water. He said he felt a bit silly at the pool in full gear, but after a while he said he didn’t care since it meant he’d have information on his blood sugar while he swam.

Another potential source of advice on swimming with pumps and CGM is from the newly formed Triabetes team… www.triabetes.org. It’s a group of 14 Type 1’s doing the Wisconsin Ironman in September 2008.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Mari: I have heard nothing back on the question. I have been in pools with the minimed pump, and my cgm transmitter and the pump have gotten wet in the shower. But I have never had the cgm transmitter completely submerged. Minimed says they should never get wet, even in the shower. I need to have the transmitter and sensor covered in tape, and whenever I remove the tape, the sensor comes out, so that is not an option. In the meantime, my daughter just keeps begging me to come into the pool. Oh well.

Hi Jonathan,
I think you should get in the pool!!! Get an aquapack at REI or on aquapack.com (do a google search) It won’t get wet when it’s in the aquapack… really. I’ve done it MANY MANY times!!! as has my brother and others at Diabetes Training Camp!!! Write to Matt Corcoran, he’s the endo who runs the camp. www.diabetestrainingcamp.com. I just leave the tape on all the time!!!

I have worn my sensor in pools and oceans and have always been fine. If you’re worried, put some tegaderm over the sensor.

I have gone swimming while wearing the sensor in a pool and had no issues. Last year I did my first sprint triathlon and it was so nice to not have to worry about my blood sugar level during the race since I wore the sensor and pump after the swim part of the race.


Hi there,
I went for a longish swim a couple of weeks ago - the sensor and transmitter were fine. I also hottub for 20 minutes or so everyday with transmitter and sensor on, covered by tape.