We have only been using the omnipod for a short time, but so far my son has went swimming twice and while he was swimming the pod has been fine. Later that night (actually in the middle of the night both times) the canula has ended up coming out and I end up changing pods. Does anyone have any tricks for swimming?? My main problem seems to be that the adhesive on the pod just loosens so much that the canula comes out.

I’ve never had much trouble with swimming…When I swim I normally wear the pod on my arm, and wrap a coban wrap around it a couple of times. Stays stuck in the water and the pod doesn’t go anywhere!
I do know that I’ve got to be extra gentle with the pods until the adhesive UNDER the pod is completely dry, or I might wind up ripping them off.
Try SkinTac or Mastisol if your son’s skin can handle it, it’ll keep anything stuck!

I can only suggest the skin-tac and other adhesive tapes (available at any CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc.) that others use. I say "others"b/c I have never personally had a problem with the adhesive, i workout 4 or 5 times a week, shower regularly, and swim every 2 weeks or so. I can only imagine that for some reason your son’s skin chemistry reacts with chlorine(?) and that combination degrades the adhesive. Solution(?): try another adhesive! good luck, and PEACE

I have swam for hours and not had this problem. You may want to try using IV Prep wipes, they help me keep my pods on longer when I swim, I never go without them.

We use IV prep all the time, and for swimming, we add 3M micropore tape over the pod. Without the tape, we lost pods because of the loose adhesive.

Thanks everybody! I will definately try your ideas!