Switch from Medtronic Paradigm 522 to Accu-chek Combo

Hi All! I am facing a possible switch from Medtronic to the Combo. My Medtronic 522 died on Christmas eve with a slow, painful button alarm and after 10 years using Medtronic (both the 512 & 522) I am kind of excited to try something different,

My local insurance in Argentina will only cover the Accu-chek Combo for new pumps (they cover supplies for Medtronic, but no coverage of new pumps any more). As I said earlier, I am not completely heartbroken about this switch, other than the fact that I have about a years supply of infusion sets/reservoirs for the Medtronic.

Have any of you switched from a Medtronic pump (specifically a 522)? What have you liked or disliked about the switch to the Combo?

I think the Combo has some great features, but would have liked to try out the new Medtronic model (called Veo here) with CGM, too.

Thanks for your help!

I have the Accu-Chek. I do like the pump. I did hear that the accu chek is now discontinuing their partnership with Dexcom. I would like an Intergrated CGM. The accu-Chek is very easy to use and the sensors are inserted so,so easy. No pain. I was having a problem with the batteries. Burning threw a lot of them. They gave me a new system. My only complaint is the customer service hours for the weekend. If I made a switch I would go with the new medtronics system. They have the enlite system. Either way you are good. My niece just got the new pump and she used the older sensors on the new system. She is waiting for insurance clearance. It worked for her and she had the sensor on for 6 days. Good luck