Any thoughts on Accu chek Combo?

Hello all! I have been trying to get a pump for several yrs now & seems like that day is finally getting close for me. I had decided on going w/Medtronic & started that process going. I was pretty interested in the Accu Chek Combo too, but discounted it because it wasn’t available in the US yet. However, the rep called me yesterday & said that it was approved on 7/18 by the FDA for sale in the US & is expected to roll out sometime in Oct '12. I’d start on the spirit first, but would get the combo once distribution starts. A benefit to this is that the spirit comes w/a back up pump which I’d get to keep once I’m upgraded to the combo. I want to decide soon which pump to go with…Medtronic or Accu Chek?

What r your thoughts on these pumps? Anyone have any info/experience w/the combo? I know it’s been out several yrs now in Europe.

Thanks for any help with this!

I am an Animas pumper, but were it me, I think I would choose the Medtronic. They are a proven unit in the field. The service, training and support is much more readily available, and even a lay person familiar with the Medtronic can help you in a pinch.

I am sure the Accuchek will be a good unit. I just dont care for being the first to have something. I would rather that chances are taken by someone else and bugs are worked out before using the product.

Best of luck with your decision.

Brian Wittman

I've had the Accu-chek Spirit and other Accu-chek/Disetronic pumps for about 22 years now. Indeed, the backup pump is a real big deal if you ever find yourself with a pump malfunction or accident. I had such a situation years ago while on a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. I immediately switched to my back up, and called customer service. They next-day airmailed me a extra pump to the BVIs, and when I got home, I mailed them the broken pump. Did I mention their excellent customer service? anyway, things like this don't happen very often, but they do happen, so you need to be prepared to go back on shots if you don't have a backup. please join our Accu-chek group here

Thanks for the info, Marie. So will u b switching to the combo?

probably, I'm not sure where I am right now with my insurance.

I would go with the Minimed. They have proven service here in the U.S. and the Revel is an excellent pump. It has the integrated CGM capacity if you want that and performance wise, I don't think it can be beat. I've had my Revel for over a year and absolutely love it. It's durable and really reliable.

One thing about the Accucheck is that I think the lowest delivery it can do it 0.05 units. The Revel (and Ping) goes as low as 0.025. For some, this may not make a difference, but I know it can for me.

The straight up Spirit in my opinion is a pump that is behind the times as far as technology (have to have an old palm pilot phone for bolus calculation etc). I have seen and played with a Combo and my personal opinion is that upgrade puts Accu-Chek in line with other pumps. I, in fact, decided to get the Spirit because it was free with their $1500 cash back program. The Spirit is sitting in my dresser but as soon as the Combo comes I will be switching to it. I have quite a bit of experience with all the pumps (I have access to them all and frequently switch from one to another to keep up on how they work so I can train people) but the T-Slim

I am not a big fan of Medtronic's sensor so the sensor integration with them means absolutely nothing to ME.

MyBustedP is right in that you cannot tweak basal rates to the .025 and it DOES make a difference for me too but I have had pretty good luck with changing my basal rates from .85 units/hour to .9 units/hour every other hour to get at .875 units/hour

Here in Italy I have many friends which preferred Combo over MM, the reason being mainly its remote control.y
In USA Animas has remote control, if that is a pro for you the pump is good, even if "oldstyle".
If otherwise integrated CGM is important, you should soon have MM Veo (a different name in USA, 504 or 604 if I remember correct).
Animas Vibe is coming to USA, it's really good with Dexcom G4 sensor (and no remote) but don't know when you can get it in the USA.

The AccuCheck combo was introduced in 2010 in Germany.

I read that it’s been in Europe for several yrs now & was told that it’s the same product that is being released here now. Do u know anything about the pump?

Like Animas, it has the remote but is imo more efficient in button-pressing. I also appreciate that Roche gives us some ability to customize via software that can hide unwanted screens and create shortcuts.