Switching employers for better insurance

Hi Everyone,

Came across this forum when I was researching something. I’m 44, live in New Jersey, and have Type 2 diabetes for 12 years. At first it was controlled with metformin and diet/exercise and 3 years ago I switched to an insulin regimin after my A1C went on a run and peaked at 13.0 (yikes!). Through hard work my A1C reduced to below 7 which was awesome.

This past year has been a challenge as my prior employer had a really crappy insurance plan and I had to basically ration care or go broke. I took a lesser paying job with 1000% better insurance in June so I am getting back on track. Unfortunately I’ve had to switch up my entire insulin regiment because my beloved Tresiba isn’t covered on the formulary, no exceptions. The past two months I’ve been working hard at adjusting and adapting to the new regimen and my doc & I have seemed to have worked it out. My recent AIC was 8.5, not the best but given the high reads for the past two months I wasn’t surprised and happy it wasn’t worse!

Toujeo-basal insulin taken in the morning
Humalog U200-meal time and correction if needed
Victoza 1.8 mg-GLP1 at night agonist which helps with dawn effect
Test 5x day

MySugr app is my best friend for tracking everything and waiting on final approval of Dexcom CGM.


Hi, @lumi73! Welcome to TuDiabetes. I’m sorry you had to make such a drastic change as getting a new job to afford the medications that help you. It sounds like you have a great plan in place moving forward and a doctor who supports you.

Crossing my fingers for you! I hope you can get it :slight_smile:

Welcome to TuDiabetes, @lumi73! Dealing with insurance and all the hoops they make you jump through is one of the more frustrating things to manage with diabetes. Try to keep your eye on the prize, managing your diabetes as best as you can. Some things are not worth fighting about and it’s best to accept them and develop a plan to cope.

I wholeheartedly endorse your commitment to get a CGM. I smiled when I recently saw a reference to CGM as a weapon of mass instruction! It’s absolutely the key for you to discover what your body needs at the time it needs it. I would give up my pump before I had to give up my CGM. Your instincts are spot on.

Congrats on persisting in spite of the obstacles!! Hope your CGM comes through soon as I’m sure you will gain insight from that. No matter how diligent I couldn’t get below 8% on MDI and did not have a CGM option (insurance denied). Dropped to 6% in three months after starting on a pump and staying steady in the 5% range now while using 2/3 less insulin. Pumping also solved my DP problem within a week. So the right insulin is a huge factor but so is the delivery method. Good luck and keep being your own best advocate!

Good luck. dealing with insurance is trying

@lumi73 you might still be able to afford Tresiba with the copay card, even if your insurance won’t cover it. The cards runs a 2 year period, then just reapply for a new card for another 2 years.

I used that last year with my crap insurance which brought the copay down to $25. My pharmacist tried with the new Rx coverage which kicked it out as a hard exclusion so it wouldn’t work. We’ve sorted out the regimen change and thankfully my readings have calmed down and are in range.

@lumi73 glad things are better