Switching from Humalog to Novalog

Oops! Somehow posted topic w/o question. Has anyone had ANY problems? Are they truly the same thing--just different manufacturers? I have had trouble with other meds that claim to be EXACTLY the same.
This has probably been asked and answered previously; but, I could not find it.

I have used both and have noticed no significant difference for me. YDMV. Test, test and test to see how it is for you.

The reason for my switch is insurance also. Funny that you had to do some tweeking if they are EXACTLY the same just different manufacturers, huh?

They have different genetic sequences and thus they behave differently:

Novolog: the amino acid, B28, which is normally proline, is substituted with an aspartic acid residue.

Humalog: the penultimate lysine and proline residues on the C-terminal end of the B-chain were reversed.

Is this change to avoid patent litigation rather than change the function of the insulin?

And... just what might that difference in behavior be????

Someone says novolog is faster, someone that it's way slower.
To my daughter novolog is slower, smoother and longer in action than humalog.
I think something is due to the different insulin pens they use. My novopen junior for novolog puts less pressure, so perhaps insulin is slower to perfuse.
According to my friends with micro pumps, novolog is more stable in the pump, lasts longer and is ok with warm weather.

There are differences which vary on personal basis: just try and see but not worry, they cover almost the same issues.

Years ago, I made the switch from Humalog to Novalog, and I saw no difference at all.

I actually still use both (MDIs). I stockpile my insulin because I'm off my parent's insurance this year, and just use whatever is going to expire first.

They are slightly different at the molecular level, but are almost identical for the user with the exception that Novolog statistically peaks slighly quicker. I personally can tell no difference. My endo always jokes that he likes Novalog better because of the pretty orange color.

Thanks guys...this has proven "interesting". I'll keep a close eye on things and test a little closer following meals to monitor whether or not I notice any difference.

Of course the diversity of insulins has its roots in patent issues. On the other hand they offer different solutions for the same problem. The insulin molecule is a very complex structure. It needs to unfold to become active. This unfolding can be speeded up by changing the sequence. The manufacturers came to the conclusion that this can be reached with different manipulations of the protein sequence of the insulin. This led to the different analog insulins we know today that are considered safe to use. They unfold differently and their docking to the insulin receptor of the cell is slightly different in speed. These minor differences shape the characteristics of the insulin reaction to our cells. It is highly individual and every patients needs to find the analog insulin that will best fit for him. It just takes two or three vials to investigate the differences but it is worth the effords. With one insulin you might need a waiting time between injection and digestion. Another insulin might be quick enough to fit to the digestion profile so you can directly start to eat. Obviously this can have great impact on our quality of living.

Thank you for this great explanation! I appreciate having the detailed information. I also have to switch from Humalog, which I have used for 11 years, to Novalog due to insurance reasons. Part my personality and part an almost superstitious clinging to keeping my diabetic routine unchanging, this impending switch makes me nervous. Your explanation, however, encourages me: perhaps Novalog will be better. As everything, things are highly individual. I do wish this switch was a personal decision and not one imposed upon me by insurance. But, that is how it goes. The fact that human insulin can be manufactured is a huge blessing of science and for that I am grateful.

Ahhhh...well said. I'll see. I just started using NovoLog for the first time. Thank you so much. I like details.