Switching to Omni Pod

Ok…just filled out paper work to order the Omni Pod. I’m actually kinda freaked out! Should I not start using it right away? I have a triathlon June 20th…is that too soon? I don’t want any weird BS during my training, or the day of the race. I DON"T want to sink during my swim :slight_smile:

- Justina

It should pump just like any other insulin pump for you; That being said, i wouldn’t risk it just for the peace of mind :slight_smile:

Depending on your insurance, it might take a bit to get approved, order the pods, have the pods at your door, get trained, and then actually getting on the pod. So i wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t have them or be ready to use them by the 20th.

You’re totally right! I’m not going to use it yet.

I agree with Sthephen. If this is your first pump you should definately wait. It will take some time to tweak in the basal and bolus rates. If you are on a pump already then I do not see an issue.