Swollen glands.... I think?

Another one of those head scratchers strikes again. Was out with my friend yesterday for a few hours and got home in the early evening. As I was discussing what I felt like having for diner I noticed my whole neck area felt swollen and it was hard to swallow. It just came out of nowhere and I still have it today. I am not 100% sure it is my glands but its freaking annoying whatever it is. I guess I'll just ride it out and see what happens. Just another thing to worry about added to the list.

I can but I hate running to doctors everytime an ailment comes around. I'll give it a few days and if there is no improvement I guess I won't have much choice. I have had minor swollen glands once or twice when I was sick but I am not sick so I find this strange. Maybe I'll be lucky and it will kill me and I won't have to worry about any more health, money or family problems.