hey guys I wanted to get your input on Symlin. I was just put on it and wanted to know of any side effects anyone else has experienced and if it has helped anyone lose weight, that's what they put me on it for weight lose. so if anyone has been on Symlin before and can tell me how it affected you I would appreciate it!


Hi. I was put on symlin recently myself for weight loss and stabilizing post prandial bg values. 6 weeks ago to be exact. I have had t1 for 27 years. I have an omnipod and a dexcom cgm.

My endo is always fine with my hga1c results, but I always hated feeling like I needed a nap afer eating. And I have struggled with my weight ever since being put on insulin at age 11. So this seemed like a good thing to try.

I tried it about 5 years ago with not very good results. I was not on a cgm then, and am not able to feel lows well. So I had a few bad lows and it scared me so I stopped taking it.

Anyway, I'm back on it and have had great results so far. I read several blogs with user ideas and tips. Here are a few that worked for me:

  • I take symlin no matter what I'm eating. Even if it's only two bites of food.
    I also take symlin up to 5x per day if my eating happens to be spread out like that during a day.
    I stop eating as soon as I start to feel that 'full' or 'sick' feeling coming. If I eat another bite, I feel like I will throw up. I did that once, and spent 15 minutes in the bathroom deciding if I should puke or not (I never did, but felt ill for many hours later too).
    If my bs is lower than 100, I start eating a little bit of my food and wait about 10 mins before I take symlin.
    If I'm going to take insulin (see next point below), I take it AFTER I finish eating. I can't tell you how helpful this little tidbit of advice was from another blogger on this site.
    I don't always take insulin after eating. It all really depends on how much carb I've had and what I want my ending up bs to be. If I was a little low to begin with, and had a low-carb snack/meal, I don't take insulin at all. Your experience may vary, but this is what I have found works for me.

Overall my TDD went from 46.6 to 37.9 and I have lost 10 lbs.

How are you doing on it so far?