T:Connect app losing connection with pump

Any one getting the message on the app that the pump connection has been lost. The phone is a iPhone with the app having the mobile bolus option. This started sometime after the upgrade, but I have not allowed any iOS changes except what Tandem allows. To restore connection I have to either power the phone down and up, but an easier fix is to turn off Bluetooth and back on. As soon as the connection is restored all missing data is populated.

Not to be confused with the phone or pump losing connection to the Dex G6.

BTW- the dip before it quit is my usual exercise drop. This happens without any sudden changes in BG and with a fresh transmitter.

Here’s a screenshot:

I’m having massive disconnects with the t:connect app on Android. In my case, the bluetooth connection becomes “un-paired” and requires a re-pairing which requires inputting that dreaded 16 character string. Doing this 4-8 times a day got so old that I switched to an iPhone SE (2nd gen) which I purchased used from eBay.

So far, the iPhone t:connect app has been flawless. I may get that pump connection lost message but I don’t have to do anything but wait a few seconds and it comes back.

Your iPhone is the same as mine. I never get the app to restore connection until I disable Bluetooth and reenable. I’ve had it disconnected as long as 95 minutes.

Report it to the t:connect support line. I reported my Android issue and they finally acknowledged that it was real and opened a ticket with the software development team. I’ve got them calling me back once a week with a status update.


Will do

I occasionally lose BT which I attribute to having my phone (iPhone12) on the other side of my body from the sensor.

But sometimes it happens more often even not being out of range / sight line and I’ve fixed that by going into Bluetooth settings and deleting old transmitters from previous use.

The phone is not losing connection to the Dexcom app, but the mobile Tandem app to the pump. It will only reconnect if I turn off/on Bluetooth on the phone. It’s happens with the phone nearly on top of the pump.

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I don’t even get to use the pump app!! Lucky you. :grinning:

Yes I am, this is just a mild annoyance.

Thanks so much for this info. Apparently, my tconnect lost connection while I was asleep. I knew you folks here would have an answer. Turned the Bluetooth off/on. Everything’s fine now. :+1:t2:

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