T:connect not as connected

In the last few days, each time I open the t:connect app on my iPhone, it either starts slowly repopulating the data backwards or, less frequently, it has lost connection. Up until now, I’ve almost always been able to open the app and find all 24-hours of basal, bolus and BG data right there.
It’s as if t:connect does not stay connected when the app is not pulled up on my screen.
I’m not aware of having either updated my phone’s IOS or updated the app during this time.
Does anyone know a fix? I’m pretty sure it’s not a Bluetooth issue because the connection is there most of the time I open the app, it’s just that the past data has to reload.

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Tandem is aware of the issue. What is also happening to some users is that the app is massively draining their pump batteries. For example, my pump battery was at 55% this morning after being charged to 100% yesterday. And I was having all of the problems in the app that you mentioned. In that case, Tandem recommends closing out the app to prevent the battery drain until the app is fixed.

Someone on Facebook indicated that he unpaired his pump from the app and then completely deleted the app off his iPhone. Then after reloading the app and re-pairing his pump to the app, the problem is apparently fixed. I did that and so far, my app is working well. I had to turn Bluetooth off and then back on my pump so that I could re-pair it.So that is my suggestion to you.


I had similar issue a few weeks ago with Android phone and X2 pump. Talked with Tandem support (after long hold) and told to uninstall current app, then installed latest version of app, which resolved problem.

My current mobile app version is
UDI 90850018992445

Appl version
2.6.1 (f4drb)

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Thank you so much, Laddie (and MM1). You’ve solved two problems. I’d noticed that my pump was losing battery fast (I got down to 5% a couple of times) but I attributed that to the age of the pump. (It just went out of warranty.) Glad to know that in addition to having t:connect work I won’t have to carry a power bank with me everywhere.


I had that too, which prompted my call to Tandem support.

Don’t know if anyone else is seeing this, but T:Connect is still a little wonky for me. Some days (but not every day), I don’t get a full 24-hour graph. The graph will be there for the present and a few hours prior but it will cut off at some arbitary point – maybe midnight, but other times, too, I think.
It’s not a big deal. The excess battery drainage has stopped completely. And, 24-hours of data is often there, except sometimes it isn’t.