Tandem X2 T:connect error

The past few days I have been getting this message on T:Connect phone app. Anyone else seeing this ?

“Unable to reach T:Connect Cloud”

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I had this problem for several weeks didn’t know what to do so I ended up calling tandem. You have to totally shut the t slim pump off takes 35-40 seconds and then turn it back on. fortunately you will retain almost all of your data but you will lose any insulin on board. At least it worked for me.

Yes, over the weekend I had the same issue. It eventually went a way.

I just speculated there were some implementations over the weekend that might be causing the error, but really don’t know.

I didn’t take any action to fix.

I’m still getting today, started several days ago.

I will try the shut down, which I had to do last month when called Tandem support for another error. Only had Tandem 3 months, hope this isn’t a frequent thing to reset pump.

I had it for several weeks and then it went away. Although I had that message, my pump data was still transferring successfully to the Tandem site.

Not meaning to hi-jack this thread, have a slightly different symptom / error, that I am sure I can get answered.

Is t:connect application available to users outside of the US market?

As a Canadian user, I get an error popup claiming:
[t:connect Uploader: Error 5 - We’ve encountered a problem with the account associated to this pump. If the problem continues, call Techincal Support at 1-877…].
Thankyou very much!
Tech.Support advises as a non-US based user, must use Diasend / Glooko, who were supposed to call me back to day, but did not.

Question: is t:connect software only approved in US market?

Based on tandem website, yes, only for US.

I primarily use app, but once uploaded, my endo can review my data if I need advice.