T lock to Luer lock adapter?

Is there such a thing?
Here in Canada the transition to t-lock connections is on the way soon for t-slim x2’s. My daughter loves the orbit micro steel set with Luer lock and has tried the few available t-lock infusion sets and doesn’t like any of them. We’re planning on stockpiling the Luer lock cartridges, but is there any adapters available anyone knows of? This really burns my arse. She loves the t-slim, but this is a major disappointment.

It does save a small bit of time when priming, but I really think the redesign was all about making sure you buy Tandem sets and not any others. I have a ton of left over Accuchek sets that are luer lock. They have longer cannulas than anything offered by tandem in 90 deg, and worked far better for me.

I doubt that there are any you could buy as the t:lock is proprietary, but you could potentially make one through 3d printing, or machining. Just don’t start selling it.

I found he required parts and plan on making one within the next couple weeks. I’ll let you know how it works.


Oh yes, I agree this is 100% about making money by forcing users to buy tandem sets. This is total disregard for user preference, need or comfort.

I wish. I’d be all over this. One of my few annoyances is that the t:90 infusion sets are rotated 90 degrees incorrectly in the inserter. I have to do crazy yoga to get them on the backs of my arms, because while I can reach them easily to apply the set, I can’t turn my wrist 90 degrees to insert the tubing. I’d love to try a set with a better connection patent.

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I’m very curious what you’ve found. If it’s not a sterile disposable product, please keep hygiene in mind, since we’re more susceptible to infection. Bleach may degrade it, and high heat might melt it, depending on what it’s made of.

@Paytone Have you got access to or do you own a 3D printer?

No. I found two readily available parts that in combination should allow connecting luer lock infusion sets to a Tandem pump or a Tandem infusion set to a pump that uses luer lock connections. My main interest is the latter so I can extend the life of my Animas pump, which I use for backup.

I want to make it clear that I’ve located the parts, but haven’t yet ordered and tested them. I plan to do so within the next couple weeks and will report back. These are parts I used during my career designing micro fluidics for lab equipment. I’m reasonably certain they will work, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Just curious if anyone knows how many infusion sets on the market still use the luer lock? I imagine medtronic uses a proprietary one, but there was a new design by BD that they released some time ago, though i think it was taken off market because of some sort of design issue. Not sure if they re-released it, but I think they had a luer lock option.

I received the parts for connecting a Tandem infusion set to an Animas pump and connecting an Animas infusion set to a Tandem pump. I tested the first version over the last two weeks with success, and I’m testing the second one right now

The premise is cutting the T-Lock connector off the end of the of the the Tandem infusion set (Tandem infusion set to Animas pump) or the Tandem reservoir (Animas infusion set on Tandem pump). There are three parts involved with both. There is almost zero added volume in the connection (I couldn’t measure it) and all but one of the parts is reuseable.

I used the parts extensively during my career designing laboratory instruments. They’re from companies that manufacture parts for laboratory/medical instruments and I can vouch for their quality.

@Robyn_H None of them are sterile when you buy them. @Robyn_H Only two of the parts contact insulin. One is changed with each set, and the other is made from ETFE (Tezel) and should easily withstand soaking in rubbing alcohol. I suspect they would tolerate dilute bleach, but I haven’t tested them and don’t plan to do so.

These aren’t very attractive, but they do the job for me.

Here are a few photos -

Tandem infusion set to Animas
image image image image

Animas infusion set to Tandem pump
image image image image

These arrangements haven’t been endorsed or tested by the pump or infusion set manufacturers. I’m the only one who has (and is) testing them and I’m not a medical professional. I can’t verify or certify they will work for everyone or with different lots of infusion sets and cartridges. If you choose to use them DO SO WITH CAUTION!

If there is sufficient interest I can type up more detailed instructions on where to get the parts and how to use them.


I would be interested in the details.

Interested thank you

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Thank You

@displayname @dallious

This is how I’m connecting my Tandem TruSteel infusion sets to my Animas pump. I still have a few Animas soft-cannula infusion sets, but I’m no longer using soft cannulas. I’m keeping the soft-cannula sets around as a backup.

Are either of you interested in connecting Animas infusion sets to a T:Slim X2?

Presentation copy.pptx (7.9 MB)


Thanks for that info, I am mainly interested in connecting a luer lock set to the X2.

This parts list and the photos are an excellent contribution to the community. Thank you so much for showing how to modify a current t:slim cartridge to accept a standard luer-lock infusion set.

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Here’s instructions for using an Animas infusion set on a Tandem X2. PM if you have any questions.

Animas infusion set on T-Slim pump.pptx (6.5 MB)


Good Morning Paytone:

I just came across your postings and I am definitely interested.

If you would be kind enough to provide detailed instructions on where the community can obtain the parts and a how-to guide, I for one would be grateful.

Hundreds of luer lock infusion sets are eagerly waiting…