T lock to Luer lock adapter?

Paytone: Brilliant! Thank you. I’m going to look into this. I have a ton of Animas infusion set and have on occasion wanted to use them as backup.

Ringo: Check the link in Paytone’s 1/29 post…

I have reviewed it again but it doesn’t answer my question. Essentially the genders are reversed in my scenario. I have (18) boxes of “Luer” T:Slim reservoirs but can now only obtain T-Lock infusion sets. Am I wrong?


Hi Ringo - Any chance you want to trade? I love using medtronic infusion sets but have a new Tandem pump with only the new tslim reservoirs. Let me know…

Hi Kim, Welcome to the community.

Its been a while since I used Medtronic but if my memory serves me correctly Medtronic uses its own proprietary connector that is not compatible with luer lock sets.

On the bright side almost any set available for Medtronic is available for Tandem. The same third party supplier makes the sets for both pump brands. The only difference in most cases is the connectors. When I had a Medtronic pump I used Silhouettes as my favored set, now that I have a Tandem pump I find that their Varisoft set is the exact same thing except for the connector.

Hi Gary - Thanks for that! Any idea if there is one that is like the Quick Set? I just started Tandem last week - so far love it except for the infusing sets. I’m using the AutoSoft XC - and it falls off if I sit in a bath/hottub for more than 1/2 hour. I’m going to try some skin tac to see if that helps - but never had any trouble with the quick set.

Unfortunately it appears that the Medtronic Quick-Set is the only Medtronic set that does not have a direct Tandem replacement. This is what I have found.

Tandem Autosoft 90 in the same as the Medtronic Mio
Tandem Varisoft is the same as the Medtronic Silhouette
Tandem Autosoft 30 is almost the same as the Medtronic Silhouette. There is a minor
difference. Plus it has an integrated auto inserter.
Tandem TrueSteel is the same as Medtronic Sure-T

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Amazing ! I’m trying to connect between Roche spirit with luer lock to Medtronic SureT infusion set.
For me, this info is mind blowing !
although I’m sure I’ll have supply issue to Israel.

I can confirm this. I switched to Tandem and really miss the quicksets !

Using Tandem XC 90 as closest thing.

I guess the Tandem has a LOT better other stuff than the minimed so it’s worth it.

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has a solution like this to use the Medtronic mio infusion sets with t:lock?

@K8Farnsworth Is there some reason why you can’t use the Tandem Autosoft 90 infusion set which is identical to the Medtronic Mio?
FWIW, we are currently using up some boxes of old Mio infusion sets with a T Slim pump (given to us by someone who preferred steel sets). The infusion set connector is identical to the Autosoft, so we just bin the tubing that comes with the Mio and re-use the tubing from an Autosoft set. As we use the tubing for up to a month at a time anyway, this is no burden at all, and we have gone through a couple of boxes of Mio since we last opened a box of Autosoft.

Mio and mio advance are very different sets. Tandem doesn’t have an equivalent for the mio advance sadly. Their connectors are not the same either.

The Mio Advance looks like Tandem’s Autosoft XC. At least at the connector. It’s still the same UFO inserter as the the Autosoft 90.

I don’t quite understand the need to make the Mio Advance work with the t:lock cartridges, though. What am I missing here? What’s so special about the Mio Advance that you can’t just switch to a Tandem set?

The problem is that Tandem switched away from the standard luer lock connector, to their proprietary T:lock connector, which is smaller. So, the only real options are to choose a proprietary Tandem set, heat up the different locks until they’re mailable so you can essentially “melt” them together, or see if your DME supplier still offers the Tandem cartridges with the luer lock connection. Of course, you could always scour the black market for luer lock cartridges, too.

Loos like the MioAdvance has easier to use inserter. More similar to quickset from insertion process.

I would use that instead of autosoft 90 or XC if it come in version with T:LOCK.
They are all made by same company, so may be available in future if Tandem pursues it.

Is it actually easier? Or is it just familiar? It doesn’t look easier to me, but I haven’t experience with it.

But then again, having never used a MM pump like most, I thought the reservoir filling process looked ridiculously more complicated than the T:slim’s, too. Weird adapter/connector things and screwing things on and off, versus the long familiar fill a syringe and inject it somewhere routine. And given how much people hate that, I fully accept I’m the odd one out here.

It is way easier and way less points of failure. No uncoiling tube, pulling sticker off and accidentally pulling site out, one handed insertion etc. Really a game changer for my kid and honestly a reason for her not to want to switch to Tandem from Loop.

This is it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2For6SAvxRQ

The connectors are not the same as auto soft 90.


Thanks, that’s good info to know. I thought the UFO inserters are as easy as it gets, but I’m not looking at them as a child might.

Recently there was a post on this forum where someone showed they were able to dip the luer lock/t:lock connectors in near-boiling water and soften the plastic. Once the hot plastic was mailable, they were able to successfully screw the mis-matched tubing connectors together. It’s obviously not ideal, but it is possible. I thought that post was in this thread, but I don’t see it now and was having trouble finding the correct post. Maybe the person who actually did this can step forward to better explain, or someone else who remembers it can link to the correct thread.

Is there tubing packed with the Mio Advance sets? I’m hoping so, because that’s a whole nother problem if not. I’m not quite sure where the various parts are packaged with other systems.

Are you already a Tandem user or just considering the switch? If you’re already a customer, they should be willing to send you a sample of their Autosoft XC sets. The xC version is very different than the Autosoft 90 sets at the connect/disconnect location near the skin. I actually prefer the XC myself. Different applicator aside, It really does look the same as the Mio Advance to me, so it might be worth trying to obtain the sample to see if they are interchangable. (Internet results are confusing here. If you’re looking at a picture and the colored parts look U-shaped, it’s a bad photo label. Those are Autosoft 90s. On the XC, the colored part is cut off flat and has no perpendicular arms, like the photo I attached in my earlier post.) Unfortunatelyy, even if they are interchangeable, that would mean obtaining two different infusion sets every month. Insurance is often more flexible with kids, though, if the doctor states it’s medically necessary.

Not every month, no. If you were careful you could easily make the tubing from one box of T-lock sets last 4 or 5 months. We routinely re-use the T-lock tubing for weeks at a time, as set changes don’t necessarily line up with cartridge changes. We got given four boxes of Mio sets by someone switching to steel sets, and have been working our way through them for months, alternating with an Autosoft set once every few weeks when the tubing starts looking ratty.

I know I’m a little late to the party here, I recently have been using a website for my diabetes supplies with my tandem pump. I love it it’s cheaper, etc.
However I needed to purchase Autosoft XC infusion sets (t:lock), and I purchased t:90 infusion sets (Luer Lock).
The supply company won’t take a return because of it being medical supplies, but I need a sort of workaround. Like an adapter or a connector type that will allow a luer lock to be able to hook up to my t:lock cartridge.
Would this fix that you came up with, the one with the images and connectors work this way as well? I’m having trouble visualizing it because the cartridge on the tandem is a bit different than the pics for the animas, even in reverse!

Hello All,
I stumbled upon this forum while searching the WWW to see if I could find a connector that would allow me to use my old Medtronic quickset infusion cannulas to my new Tandem x:2 pump.

I could not find anything so I ended up designing one in Tinkercad and 3D printing it.
This is not exactly the connector #sprocket1 was asking about but the Tinkercad design is customizable so somebody with a bit of know how could keep the t:lock part and replace the quickset part with a different adapter.

I hope this helps


Tinkercad Link

Thingiverse Link