T:slim auto-off and remote bolus

I got an auto-off alarm on my t:slim x2 this morning.

I normally have my pump in a leather pouch attached to my belt during the day and in a soft belt at night. Yesterday I was having a bout of diarrhea so I left my pump in the soft belt all day. During the day I used the remote bolus feature on my Android phone.

Apparently this doesn’t count as activity so the pump decided to stop my insulin delivery this morning. Should remote boluses count as activity? I think so.

I would discuss it with Tandem support.

Gotta remember that companies have to ease new features through the FDA in baby steps, building upon previously approved features. This was the very first time the FDA approved bolusing from a non-medical device. That whole baby steps thing is why you can’t dismiss alarms or change settings from your phone, and why mobile interactions don’t deactivate the “dead man’s alarm.”

You can disable that alarm altogether, though. It’s really only a liability thing. Pump companies don’t like it when dead/unconscious people are found with the pump chugging away, but it frees them of all liability if you choose to disable the automatic shut-off.

Options> My Pump> Alerts & Reminders> Pump Alerts> Auto-off

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It doesn’t count. Just like looking at your glucose data even on the pump also does not count. On days when I’m fasting, I almost always have it turn off, except it does alarm and warn you when it’s about to do it. Then you can hit the button to clear the alarm and it won’t shut off

Can’t the auto off be disabled?
Maybe I’m misremembering, but I recall that was the first thing my CDE did with me when I got my Tslim.

I don’t think it is possible on my version of software. It’s one of those safety things like the 55 threshold that can’t be changed.

I believe it can be turned off (which I have done).

I gave you the pathway to turn it off already. Just follow that pathway and turn the toggle off.

Thank you, Robyn_H. I have already turned it off.

I posted this topic to see what the general consensus was about remote bolus resetting the auto-off timer. I believe remote bolus is currently the only function that is an “input” to the pump. Everything else appears to be an “output” from the pump (i.e. change the display to show something the pump has provided).

With all the safeguards on this “input”, I believe it should be sufficient for the pump to determine that there is an “alive” human at the controls just like there is when interacting with the pump itself.

Sorry, I guess I misunderstood the following conversation. Looked like you were both confused still.

It’s absolutely ludicrous. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who’s argue that fact. Given the comments I’ve heard the CEO make, I’m pretty sure even Tandem would agree with us.

Unfortunately, the FDA is hell-bent on cyber-security right now. They’re absolutely terrified of medical devices integrating with our personal devices and ultimately being connected to the greater Internet of Things at large. The good news is that it’s coming. Once the Mobi gets approved with full pump control from mobile devices, it will be much easier to add that for the X2, also.

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