T1s in Denver?

Wondering if any central Denver T1s might be willing to have discussions off-board or maybe meet up. I know one other T1 but she lives and works in a mountain suburb, so it isn’t convenient for us to get together.

Thanks in advance.


Here is a list of everyone who lives in Denver


There is also a Rocky Mtn Group. Go to Groups on the top banner, and then US, and you will see a map. Click on Colorado, and you could join and post there. good luck! It’s wonderful to participate in a meet-up.

Thanks for the info, Marie!

I hope at least one of those members bites here; not having peers to speak of has me feeling rather isolated, and Denver isn’t exactly known for its community mindedness!

This site has been extremely helpful and informative, but I would like to have discussions that aren’t suited for public forum. It’s one thing to talk about treatment with the GP and endo, but neither lives the condition and can offer only limited insight and support.