T2D on Trulicity Now!

I have been T2D since 2015 my numbers were doing good but this year I was seeing 250s in the morning and all day. I guess Metformin stopped helping with my numbers, the doc got me on Trulicity now! I have had 2 doses so far, now in the mornings I am now seeing 170s, when I bike ride or work out it does go way lower. I try to do 50 miles a week. No side effects yet but last night we went out to eat and I got full quickly. I had stuffed peppers and a few bites of pasta and salad. Just wanted to report if your meds are not working and seeing high numbers, ask to try this. I am sure there are other names too.

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I myself look at my whole picture when numbers go up. I keep an exercise,food, emotional journal, and my injections such as trulicity. I take mine on Tuesday,thus we call it trulicity Tuesday,lol. Do you count carbs? Good job on exercise. I hope you have good results with trulicity… Nancy50

Sorry for the really late response here! Since I bike a lot and need carbs for cycling I dont really count them but i know what I am eating I know everything we eat has Carbs in it. I really try to look for carbs being below 15 and High Fibers sugars should be 0" Calories I dont care of I burn 3,000 after a 2hr bike ride or less. I never eat my calories back just am not starving anymore!