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Here are a few references to links/books on TAG… If anyone finds other links/books out there please post them.

1.Danny’s TU dual wave Bolus discussion (full of TAG/extended bolus info)

2."I read about TAG in Total Available Glucose - A Diabetic Food System, by Mary Joan

Oexmann MS RD, ISBN 0-688-10004-X

It appears the book is out of print. It was published in 1989 and 1990.

The book only had about 2 pages that talked about TAG, so it is not

even worth getting. If you understand the principle, you can make TAG

work for you.

If you insist on reading it for yourself, used copies are available at Amazon.com for a penny plus shipping."

3."You can read a lay person’s article about second phase insulin release at the following link:"

4.“Google Books has an excerpt; the whole chapter is about 50 pages longs with excellent references:”

"The Snetselaar book has been updated in 2009 as Nutrition counseling skills for the nutrition care process.

Chapter 6 is all about nutrition and IDDM, including TAG worksheets. You can read the whole chapter on Google Books."

Hi Courtneyv,

If your endo is like the doctors in my area, I would expect to see a "deer in the headlights’ look when you bring it up.

Most doctors know very little or have never heard of TAG. Other than the one book I read, everything I know about TAG is through trial and error or discussing it on the internet. IMHO, The concept of TAG was started by medical professionals, but TAG has become a grassroots concept for better BG control.

For the other members of the TAG group, has anyone come across a doctor that knew about TAG?

Hi Courtneyv,

My very best wishes for your doctor appointment. We are here to support you.

Keep us informed on your progress

I was told there were forms for Calculating fats and protiens in the Library. Just how do you find the Library with the forms.

Hi Chele,

Look for the discussion forum entitled “TAG Spreadsheets” where you will find a few versions of TAG forms used by various members.