Totally overwelmed

So from skimming some of the posts I kind of understand that you bolus for the extra stuff as well like protein and fat and and glucose instead of only carbs and you use your combo bolus for the most part? However coming into this much info it’s almost impossible to just read out basics. What exactly is TAG and how do you start? What do you do when you do not have labels? Then I’ve seen that most bolus 40% upfront and the rest over a ?? 1hr perioud?

Wow totally overwelmed but my spikes are horrible and symlin is just not an option for me

Thank you

Hi Sandy! And welcome!

I think it will be challenging to understand TAG by skimming - I think it’s best if you dig in and read through a few posts, like -

Also read through Danny’s response - here -
Danny is the group leader - I would read anything he has offered, as well as Ricardo (who is very knowledgeable), and I have contributed a bit as well (cuz it’s been so successful for me).

Let us know if you have questions after that!

Thank you so much Cheri. My first endo had us put in protein and fat into our bolus and had us use the combo but I have since gotten away from this. This was almost 18 years ago. I will look at all the links you sent.


For stuff that doesn’t have labels, you can look it up on sites like Calorie King. I keep a spreadsheet with the foods I eat to make it easier finding the info.

+1 for spread sheets. I keep a spead sheet where I list my common foods as well with TAGing breakdown at the end. I can reference the most common foods that are not labeled and dont have to continually look them up. I also keep track of nutritional values on the sheet too.

That third link Cheri posted is a great starting point for basics (the other links are great starting points as well). Also, if you look through the discussions you’ll find examples of TAGed meals that can be helpful. You might take something likethe Pizza example and try it yourself and compare to the finding posted there.

I don’t like doing this stuff on the computer so spread sheets are out of the question for me. That is my problem to begin with… All this fancy technology that makes me just want to scream. lol

Funny how most diabetics know to do this with Pizza and HIGH fat foods but we don’t apply the same rules tot he rest of the foods. Thank you guys. I will look at all the great info and thank you Cheri for your links. I think I’m just computer’d out so that doesn’t help at all either.

Do you do any logs by hand? I hate doing those but if you just had a list in a notebook of some of the more common stuff you eat, that might help.