TAGing a Super Bolus.....?

Alright so I joined the group yesterday with having done previous research (with quite good results) using the Super Bolus method described by Lorraine in good detail. Now here is my question: The super bolus takes into account the spike in BG attributed by high carb foods, and counters it by loading insulin onboard for the basal ammt.But it does not account for high protien/fat meals and their carb attributes within a given window of time. So could the TAG method and the SB bolus be combined for a Super Ultra Mega Duper Bolus? Lol I'd call it a "Tolus" So Im assuming the formula would be the following:

1) Get normal bolus for carb (ex: 10.00 Units)

2) Get extended bolus ammounts for (ex: 3.00 Units)

3) Get any correction ammounts (ex: -1 Unit)

4) Get combined Basal ammt for 2 Hrs (ex: 2 Units)

5) Turn off Basal insulin delivery for 2 Hrs

6) Deliver combined total for 1,3,&4

7) Set a Combo or Square Bolus for line 2 for the given time window

8) Go crosseyed!!!!!! Sheesh!!!!

So this would have the effect of a long acting TAG Bolus and the short acting kick of a SB right? Im just not sure how nice the temp basal rate and the long dual/square would play together.........Who wants to be the lab rat on this one? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Hi there. I don’t mess with my basal and get fabulous results! Have you looked through all the discussions and checked out some of the forms - and formulas? The TAG method I use does indeed account for fat and protein - that’s what makes it work.



I agree with Cheri. It may be possible to use the TAG technique and not have to also use the superbolus. I also prefer to leave my basals alone.

I find that for most meals TAG (carb bolus with an extended bolus) works to moderate BG spiking just as good as if I took a superbolus. However, I could see where a low fat, white rice meal could benefit from the TAG/ superbolus combination.

And thats kind of what i was thinking on both points. So using the TAG method and not reducing overall Basal rates will help with the spike encountered after a higher carb meal or a high fat meal that breaks down a bit slower? I just want to make sure im taking all aspects into account. Last thing I need is to wind up in the hospital…! Thank you both for your responses!

Cheri: Yes I have been reviewing some of the awesome posts relating to SB and TAG methods. Both are very effective, but the issue im running into is that when i eat, my BG rises immediately and then hovers in the 200+ range for hours at a time, which is killing my A1C’s. Im just trying to get a way to prevent the spike and at the same time get some longer lasting effect from the bolus out to around 3 hours or so. Its wierd like that for some reason.

Hi there -

There would have to be lots of questions to understand what you’re experiencing (what are you eating, how many carbs, what’s your starting BG, etc., etc.) but my suggestion would be to use TAG for one meal - see how it goes. Then try some more…for me, I stick to the lower end of carbs (and stick to either veggie, fruit, or high fiber carbs) as I find the fewest spikes. In ALL cases, my combo bolus includes all the insulin I need to cover my carbs - upfront - then the extended portion to cover proteins (40% for me) and fats (10% for me). For higher protein meals, I find I need 2.5 hours for the extended portion - for higher fat meals, I find I need 3 to 3.5 hours.

Try printing out these files and just trying following them. See how you do.
Best, Cheri
6234-tagformexample.doc (42 KB)
6235-tagform.doc (50.5 KB)

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

You bet. Good luck.