Tandem Control IQ for Type 2s

In this discussion Tslim “low toner” syndrom I stated my belief that Control IQ technology was not available to people with type 2, I was promptly told “hold on now, I believe that’s wrong”.

Now I am intrigued, I see new possibilities for me, if Control IQ is available to me in the future I am wondering what the experience has been of Type 2s that are using it.

I would love a discussion of how well Control IQ works for Type 2 diabetics.


We are not positive that I am a true Type 2. We are testing to find out for sure, but may be LADA. That being said if I am type 2, I have already spoken with Tandem in regards to being Type 2 for insurance coverage just in case I can talk my Dr into putting me on the Tslim X2 when I see her in July. I am still waiting to hear back from Tandem in regards to my insurance coverage. I put on the information sheet Type 2 because that is what I was ORIGINALLY diagnosed as. I had different insurance when they contacted me about my coverage originally and they did not say I wasn’t eligible due to being Type 2. They said I did not have benefits available due to still being under warranty with Medtronic, however they have/had an upgrade program where I could pay I believe it was $2000 and use the pump until my warranty ran out on my Medtronic and then could upgrade when it came time to once that was over. So never was I told I couldn’t have it because I wasn’t Type 1.

The website and their data materials do say it’s indicated for Type 1. I would assume because that was their test group for the clinical trials. However, doctors can prescribe things “off label”. If a doctor prescribed it to a Type 2, I can’t imagine Tandem interfering against that.

But it’s possible the insurance would deny, or require additional documentation.

Totally, but insurance is it’s own beast A lot of insurances don’t allow pumps for type 2 at all. Heck, a lot of insurances won’t even pay for a pump for Type 1s. It all depends on how good your coverage is. I figured the insurance coverage issue was too vast to make a guess.

oh, that makes sense. In my case My doctor did recommend even though I am Type II. As I mentioned before I got the TSlim part than insurance wouldnt cover the Dexcom.

I’m an insulin dependent Type 2 but my doc said if I ever had any problems he could re-label me type I since I’m being treated like a type I anyway. I have UHC through my work, though, and they said that they have an exclusive with Medtronic so even for Type I they won’t pay at all for Tandem. I appealed and was told that since I have out of network benefits I could use that. But the deductible for OON is much higher and percentage is cost prohibitive so there goes that option.

Right now I’m on Omnipod and looping so for the time bein, I will stay with that.

I’ve been Type 2 for over 20 years and on a pump since the early 2000’s. Started with Medtronic but switched to Tandem a couple of years ago because of the coordination with the Dexcom G6 CGM. Applied for Control IQ on the Tandem website. They coordinated with my endo and I got approval shortly after that. Control IQ was a software upgrade and there was no charge (to my knowledge) for it. I was out of control (A1c > 11) most of the time before I started Control IQ, but now I’m mostly in control so far. I’m having to adjust my basal levels down because they were too aggressive and I was getting a low alarm occasionally. I’m delighted so far!