Tandem Control IQ

Has anyone received the update to Control IQ since the recent video? If so, how is it working for you?

I am hoping we all have it soon.

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I don’t think it has actually been released yet, only the video about it. I am looking forward to trying it out, though with my recent issues with sensors I am not sure how well it will do lol.

I also wish they would make a platform-independent updater app, or perhaps a mobile app. I have limited access to Windows and Mac PCs.

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Control-IQ has been released. Here’s the 15 January 2020 Tandem press release announcing it.

I don’t use a Tandem pump but have been following the Tandem Facebook group and many members there are starting to post their early experience with Control-IQ. The comments I’ve read have been mostly positive.

If you check out r/diabetes on Reddit, you’ll see that some people were able to go to log into the Tandem patient portal, navigate to “my devices”, and then proceed with the update steps from there… Even though they never received an email.

As far as I’ve heard, nobody has received the email with with the initiation link/code. The above process only seems to work for those whom the sales team proactively scouted prescriptions before control-iq was even released. It doesn’t work for me. I’m still locked out of the update process.

New pumps shipped since the official release, have also gone out with Control-IQ already installed.

The lucky reviews I’ve seen have described it as “life-changing”.

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I received the email Saturday morning. Started the update process, Endo submitted prescription on Monday and still in limbo waiting for Tandem to process the prescription. Many patients are having issues with not receiving the email with the update code after they complete the video training. Hopefully, this gets sorted out in the next few days.

Excellent. Granted, I don’t use Facebook, but I’ve been stalking update info for a while. You’re the first I’ve heard about getting an email. Too bad about the limbo.

There have been numerous people that received the email, starting last Thursday. I’ve not seen anyone yet say they’re running control-iq. Tandem is swimming in prescriptions, it will take a little time. I wish people would stop calling Tandem and flooding the phone lines. It’s impossible to reach anyone if you have catastrophic issue with your pump.

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I was advised by my supplier, not Tandem that everyone was supposed to receive the email by the end of the month. For some reason the Tandem rep told them I would not need a prescription. I find that hard to believe but it will be nice if it is so. I am thinking about being proactive and having my Endo send a script to my supplier so it will be there when needed.

You need a prescription. You can’t start the process without one. Your Endo can’t send an RX blindly to Tandem. They have to request one from your doctor.

You need to go to the Tanden portal at https://portal.tandemdiabetes.com/login, then register that you want to begin the control IQ update process. This will start the ball rolling where Tandem contact your Doc for the Rx and then you get the email for training then upload.

I never received an email about this, I saw it on Instagram. I was waiting for an email too.

It took my doc 2 days to send Rx, not bad! I just finished taking the online training and uploaded. Here we gooooo

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Am I the only one that can’t request the update yet? My “update my software” button is greyed out and doesn’t do anything. I’ve been trying for nearly two weeks. I thought it was just because it wasn’t my time yet in the lottery, but I seem to be in the minority.

They haven’t processed my warranty return pump from last month yet. It still shows “return pending”, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I have been using it for 3 days , to early for a review but so far it is working out , had basil IQ and this is above expectations


I had the grayed out button as well.
It seems that I had some training for the Basal-IQ prompted. So I did that, and after checking back, it then allowed me to check the Control-IQ.
Waiting on the prescription process now!

So I did just call Tandem, and I was very mistaken. There was a problem with my account. Somehow a Basal-IQ update was in progress in their system, even though I had already completed that. She was able to fix it for me in seconds.

Officially, the wait for the email is still their stance. Not because you need it to start the process, though, just because they’re attempting to control the flow. Unofficially, the update is available to everyone via the portal, and if you can’t access it for any reason, you should call support.

Ah, so yours was similar to mine with the Basal-IQ update.
I just did the training, and it changed to start the Control-IQ process. Still waiting…

Day 1.5 w/ Control-IQ here. I woke up at 111 this morning.

I requested the update on the 17th (w/o an email)
Rx came back on 1/21 and installed it that night.
Update Code came about 1 hour after the online training.

So far so good…


Can you set your upper and lower
Blood sugar limit with control IQ?

Nope, 112.5 to 160 are the standard, Sleep and Excercise are different numbers.

So if you were to be in a situation that requires you to start out much higher than that (eg night of drinking and dancing) would you just turn off control IQ?

You could just set the exercise activity, which would aim to keep you between 140-160. It would reduce your basal if you were trending less