Tandem Tips?

I started the insulin pump process back in March but stopped due to United Healthcare not covering my chosen pump in network and the pandemic. Now that United has ended their horrible contract with Medtronic and all of the different offices involved in this process are back to more normal working order I’m getting a Tandem pump! The best news was that it will be covered at 95% which dropped it down to 10% of what I would have paid with the out of network coverage.

While I wait for everything to be approved, do you all have any recommended reading for getting up and running with Tandem or pumps in general? Any posts here, outside resources, personal experiences, and tips are all appreciated.

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I don’t know about Tandem but my Omnipod system sent me a link to get up to speed. I had to read and take a test before I could even get my pump. It was helpful. Do Desatronic and Medtronic do that still?

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Thank you for the input Bonnie!

The last time I was on a pump was with Medtronic 11 years ago, and they did make me take in person training classes before I could get started.

When I first I discussed this with my diabetes educator he mentioned I’d need training, but I’m sure that has changed since March.

I’m hoping to do some reading on my own beforehand either way, though!

If you search “tandem X2” here it will bring up a lot of discussions about a lot of different experiences and tips on using the pump.

I switched from Medtronic to the Tandem X2 with the G6 and I love it, but everyone has their own preferences so it’s worth reading a lot of the other threads to see the good and bad.


I recently switched from Medtronic pump to tslim. I downloaded the tslim simulator app (android) so could check out the pump settings menus.

There are also lots of videos on tandem website.

The cartidge filling took a few tries, and in hindsight I shoud have paid more attention to video. I missed some steps, and had problems with air.

Definitely things I miss from minimed, but really nice to see cgm on pump, and on T:connect app that shows when Control-IQ makes changes to basal or bolus.

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Will do, thank you Riley! I’m glad to hear you love it - I already use the g6 so the link there was definitely a large part of my pump choice.

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Thank you! Great to know about the cartridge filling - I’ll make sure to pay extra attention to that before jumping in for the first time.