Tandem Diabetes Care Launches First Ever Remote Software Update for Insulin Pump


I’m currently using a Medtronic (the one that looks like a 90s-era pager). The big 4-year decision is upon me as of this month, first time for me, and the biggest anxiety is that whatever you choose, you’re stuck with it for 4 years while improvements pass you by. This definitely puts a strong plus mark in the Tandem column.

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I got a Tandem pump in December 2014. And while I really loved it, there was a huge miss and if I had know, I probably wouldn’t have done it, but I got it for $20 ( you know end of year, trade in sale etc.) It did not do automatic corrections and subtractions. My other pump did that and I was with Medtronic forever, so I kinda forgot how to do that. And when I called about there was nothing they could do for me. So back to CDE to relearn the adjustment factors but I kept pushing everytime I called Tandem or saw them at conferences/workshops.
I did the beta testing and it was easy and quick and I have the pump of my dream right now. It does everything I need. So like Medtronic with them for around 22 years and had on,y three pumps, short of an AP pump, I’m hoping this one lasts as long! Yeah for downloads that help us not have to keep buying new ones!

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Yay! I’m really excited to see the much lauded update feature actually rolled out. Looking forward to updating my t:slim so that it can read my Dexcom later this year.

I have never used medtronics but it looks huge and archaic to me because the only pump I have ever known is T-Slim G4. I LOVE my T-slim.

I am happy to hear they are sending updates to original T-Slim owners but I own a G4 so I am a lil disappointed. So far there is one new pump and an upgrade to the older pump but nothing for in the middle. But it gives me hope!

Another option is to stand pat and live with your current pump until the prospect for pump improvements resolves a bit. If you don’t mind waiting, you’ll maintain your ability to move to a pump at any time. This, of course, assumes your continued insurance coverage.

The hybrid artificial pancreas improvements seem poised for a burst of inovation but things never move as quickly as we’d like.

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