T Slim Software Update

My apologies if this has already been covered here but I thought I would pass this on. Pretty exciting for Tslim users I think.



Thanks so much for the update. This is the biggest miss with this pump. I hope the download will be available soon for us current pump owners. Really hate going back to old school calculations. My other pump did all that for me so I actually had to talk with my CDE to be retrained on doing that. How spoiled I was:)

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I could be wrong…but I feel like this is a FIRST for insulin pumps. Right? This will be the first time a USER will update the software on his own pump. From how I’m reading it, this will be very similar to how we update our iPhones when they upgrade the operating system. Sounds exciting.

I am not familiar with any other pump manufacturer who does this, so I tend to believe this is a first.

Of course, they would have had to run their update process past the FDA gauntlet first. I wonder what those discussions were like … Just kidding! I don’t really want those details. (Well, maybe an overview … :blush: )

But to be fair, Medtronic is upgrading my pump’s firmware right now as a result of this recall. They send me a pump with the “new” firmware via UPS. I send back the pump with the “old” firmware. See? All updated. :confounded:

Hopefully updating our pumps via a download will become possible in the future. Though it would mean I wouldn’t get to score a new pump to get the firmware updated. :wink:

It might be a first for an insulin pump sorta, (I know i got an update or two for my PalmOS based bolus calculator) but its not a first for a CGMS

Dexcom had one firmware update for the original 7 (and I think one for the 7+)… It was so you didnt need to use a tethered meter on the 7 for calibration and not the one touch with cable… Also the G4 Dexcom had one for the 505 update…

Darn–I wish mine was being recalled. Doesn’t seem to be on the list.