Tandem rotating clip/holster

There must be a search box somewhere but I rarely can find it. Does anyone have this belt clip from Tandem? I do not wear a belt so am wondering if it works on thin women’s pants/sweatpants etc. I have a percent off coupon for today and would like to get it if it works for anyone. Here’s the url. I don’t know how to do a photo.


A lot of people love this case but supposedly the clip isn’t super durable with it breaking for many people after about 9 months. I ordered one this summer from Amazon and didn’t like it at all. It sat high on my waistband and leaned outwards. But there are a lot of people on Facebook who think it is the best clip ever. If you can get it for 30% off, it is probably worth a try.

Thanks, @Laddie, I got a 25% off for my birthday from them. Not a biggie but some help if I don’t like it. $7.50 but then there’s tax! I’ll check the price on amazon but this should be no worse for sure.

@Blueburd Have you considered Type 1 Tactical holsters?

There are 2 available for the Tandem X2:

The Stealth: Stealth Holster - Compatible with Tandem T:slim – Type 1 Tactical

The Shield: Shield Holsters – Type 1 Tactical

@Jimi63 Thanks. I am looking. Those are more expensive but they say the clips won’t break. True or not, I don’t know. I actually have never had a pump clip of any kind break so maybe I have just been lucky or I am not as active as I should be.
PS. I need/want the rotation that the Tandem case offers. Not seeing it yet on the Shield holsters. Still checking.

It is odd how you always want products that are a combo of two different ones. I want a slim holster (Laddie says the Tandem one protrudes outward which would be a bulky thing under my overshirt) but it rotates so I don’t have to remove it to use it. The Shield appears to be slim and durable but doesn’t rotate and you seem to have to remove the case to use it.
Do no real T1Ds test these things?? :wink:

I had to replace it after a little more than a year of use. Fits great in my bra. Sorry if that’s TMI. :wink:

Ha ha! @Sheepdogs I thank you. I ended up buying it. I’ll see how long it lasts for me. I’m so old, it could easily outlast me! I will report if it goes before me. I was tempted by the Stealth holster and it would be next if I continue to be lucky in life! Or maybe I should get it too as it is a tiny few bucks off this weekend.

I think real T1’s test these things, but not enough women. Many clips/cases work well when you’re attaching them to a belt. Men wears belts a lot but I rarely wear a belt.

I have a Type 1 tactical case and I like it because it never falls off of my waistband. But it is bulky. Once again, it works better attached to a belt and is more of a guy case than a woman’s case.

I mostly use no case with my pump and carry it in my pocket. Fortunately a lot of my athletic pants have slit pockets in the waistband that are ideal for my pump. I sometimes use my T1 Tactical case and sometimes a Running Buddy Mini with the velcro top cut off.

I have worn my tandem in my pocket since getting it. With the clip on it that came with it. I had a clip that worked on women’s pants with my medtronic for the many years I had those.
Yes, the holster clips are made for men wearing belts. I haven’t seen a belt on a woman in more years than I can recall. And their shirts are usually tucked in so the poke out doesn’t matter to them. This may be wasted money but I’ll see. I have worn the clip on my pant pocket occasionally and may see if that works. I can insert/tape some foam or something if its too loose.

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I’ve got both the Tandem and the Tactical. I only got as far as installing the Tactical case before I decided it wasn’t for me. I then got the Tandem rotating clip case, which i have used now for maybe two years, and it’s in like-new condition. But about 99% of the time I keep my pump in a case made by PumpWorks which, I’m very sorry to say, went out of business, reincarnating as a seller of high-fashion bling cases. In any case, I keep the pump on my belt and only use the Tandem case’s clip when I use the “facilities”. That probably accounts for the good longevity.

After reading this thread, I may see if I can find the Tactical case and try it again.

Always looking for a better solution…

I LOOOOOOOOOOVED the case/clip that Disetronic/Roche/Accu-Check had throughout the years. It stayed mostly the same minus changing shape to fit the different pump designs. The clip on it was always the same though. I had to replace it maybe one time in the 18ish years I used their pumps before they stopped making them and I got the Tandem. It was tough as nails, the clip had a good spring that gripped well, and on top of that it had far more adjustability than just horizontal or vertical. I loved being able to set it at an angle so that it went with the contour of my body when sitting. On top of that it was also COMPACT. I put my pump in my pocket if I have pockets available and I never ever needed to take the case off of it. I have never seen or found anything like it ever since. Not only all of this, but it was also covered under warranty.

It is good to see Tandem is FINALLY offering a rotatable clip (unless they have had it for a while and I am just out of the loop), but it still isn’t executed well and sounds like it isn’t that durable. From looking at it it would also appear that the clip is not removable. Being as bulky as the clip is that is a total no go for me, but good for those that want a prebuilt off the shelf solution and the size doesn’t bother them.

I will continue to stick to my homemade case and clip solution until there is something that is either like the old Disetronic case/clip, or is rotatable and removable and also more durable.

If you are interested and find that the Tandem case isn’t working out you could try my solution which is in another post. It is pretty easy to make, basically just need one of the standard Tslim cases with the removable metal clips, a specific belt clip that attaches by a little square with a strong adhesive on it which allows you to remove it (there is a link), take the clip out, clean the back of the case really well with alcohol, stick the square block on it, and boom! Done. You could also skip the case and just attach directly to the pump, but i don’t like that idea personally as it will block the SN and other info on the back. I have had to replace the clip a couple times in the 6 or so years I’ve been using the Tandem, so it is relatively reliable. The way the clip works is the little square has notches on each side and the clip has spring loaded little latches that clip onto it which are released by a button on the side.

Unfortunately I can’t find the exact clip anymore, but there are others like it on amazon too.

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