Tandem not answering phone on 01 03 2022

I’m trying to get hold of Tandem to inquire about my supply order. Their voice mail message says I’ve reached them after hours or on a holiday, which isn’t the case. The rep who has handled my orders hasn’t responded to my email from last week (sent on a business day). Anyone else having this issue today or know what’s up? Am due to receive an order this week (I use auto refill with Tandem), but have no info and can’t reach anyone at Tandem to get answers. (Tandem’s portal has no info for me either)

For some businesses, New Years Day is a holiday. When it falls on a weekend, the following Monday is taken in lieu. I’m off today.

You make a good point. When I was working, however, it was standard practice to observe the holiday on Friday when it fell on Saturday, and on a Monday when it landed on a Sunday. Things change and the important thing for workers is getting the day off!

I was about to write some highly critical remarks about poor customer service, but your comment thankfully held me back. I appreciate that! I hope that Tandem starts answering the phone tomorrow.

Good point, MBW! But, before I retired, my employer, a financial institution, included holiday information in its recorded message to keep customers informed. My work email allowed me to automatically set up an “out of office until ___________” response. I also emailed Tandem last week (before Friday) to ask about my supplies–no response. Tandem hasn’t provided information via either of these methods. (It took over 3 weeks to get my supplies the last time, so I’m rather apprehensive about when the next shipment might arrive. Their “auto refill” program appears to have some holes in it.)

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