Tandem pump case ON button cover

Is anyone else having difficulty with the Tandem pump case? Specifically with the ON button being extremely hard to push down? I called Tandem support and they said many people we’re having the same issue and to cut out the ON button plastic cover, which I did, and it is still impossible to easily push the on button down. The on button is already hard to push down, covering it with the hard plastic case makes it impossible and I think this is a very bad design choice. and they need to fix this ASAP!

I forgot about this. It’s just a little stiff at first. I actually wound up weakening the thin, not-quite-cut out areas of plastic by working on them and stretching them out with the tip of a butter knife. I agree, annoying at first, but it works great once you get it worn in. I have no problem with the button now.

I don’t think they should have told you to damage the case, because yeah, now your button is too far recessed to access. I’d make them send you a new one for the bad advice, and follow my suggestion for the new one. It just needs a little patience to break it in. Even just pushing/flexing it repeatedly before you install it on the pump should help loosen it up.

I promise, that was a very short-lived irritation.

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Thanks Robyn,
I will get a new case and try your method but I still think of it a design flaw. We pay enough for the pump to have to alter it to get it to work,

Yep, not disagreeing with you that it’s unpleasant. I hated the old, chunkier case so much, though, that I did a happy dance to get this one instead. I was willing to overlook it’s stiffness. I’m mostly disappointed to hear that Tandem customer service couldn’t give you better advice than destroying the case in the first place.

I found it very difficult to push at first but after about a week it wasn’t bad. I don’t know if it loosened or I got used to it. Probably a little of both. I honestly wouldn’t want it easy to push, to prevent accidental use.

I dislike everything concerning Tandem’s new cases, from the clip to having to place the order through Amazon. The least Tandem could do is warranty the damn thing like Medtronic does. Spending $35 on these things is a joke. I made the mistake of cutting the push button entirely off the case, which was a huge mistake because now I can’t get to the wake button without a significant amount of effort. I ended up just using the old style black case that came with the pump. I wish I had bought more of the white cases before they discontinued them.