My metronic clip broke

ive only had the pump’ on since the end of june and the clip already broke. what do you guys use as a replacement? i need something that is sturdy. i dont mind keeping it in my pocket but i want to clip it to my pants. or skirts even. thanks. i cant believe it broke when ive only had the pump for a few months.

You never said what Medtronic pump you have. If you have the newer pump the Medtronic 630 the replacement clip has been updated. I broke my original one too after about six months. The replacement one has been redesigned. It has a clip that clips against the other side of itself and also has a breakaway point where most of the stress is put. You can just clip it back together. Huge improvement over the clip that comes with the pump.

I’ve gotten a number of clips for free from MM. Just call the tech support line and complain about the clip. Sometimes they have sent me TWO clips,so that I’ve got a back up. NEVER PAY FOR ONE!!

I wish Tandem were like Medtronic when your case/clip breaks. $34 for a new case every 6 months is maddening. I’ve said it before but, the new Tandem cases suck. The clips are worthless and that strange texture they use that goes around the screen makes it impossible to clean the screen with a tissue without it getting all over the case in tiny bits and pieces

i have the 630G. i knew i forgot something

Can’t you use an old clip on phone case? I know it’s been a while since I had the Medtronic. Don’t they still have a cloth case with a window that you can slip your belt through?

Medtronic is the worst. I’ve had them for 3 months and I sincerely cry everyday, nothing works and they mess up all of my orders, billing, etc. My clip also broke after 2 months but I was able to fix it. If you call the hotline it tells you how to request a free replacement.

thanks…ill have to call tomorrow when i have a moment to stop

i had a brief moment to give a call. there is a menu option to get a replacement clip. so that was easy. so ill get a new clip next week…maybe ill have my boyfriend look at it and see if i he can make it stay permanently. that is what he did with my animas pump clip