Tandem pump users

Been using the steel cannula (don’t use it often), and today when changed pump and inserted steel cannula, it hurt a LOT going in, and first bolus hurt a lot being delivered too…is this normal for this cannula type? My bg’s have been high all day…am wondering if I hit maybe a ‘bad’ site w/the pain and high bg’s that it might’ve hit a ‘vessel’? If it did, would this SLOW down the absorption of insulin or make absorption FAST/have fast dropping bg’s?? (as this used to happen with my Lantus shots pre-pump and humalog shots sometimes, and I’d have dropping bg’s of 40pts/min!!)…Don’t know if I should change the site or give it more time today…I’ve read where if insulin hits vessel/bloodstream, it can do EITHER slow absorption and cause high bg’s OR cause FAST absorption?

Ah, the joys of diabetes! I also understand that if you do hit a blood vessel, they insulin will work faster not slower due to the fact the insulin is going right into the blood stream vs having to be absorbed first. I have been using metal for the last three years due to the Teflon ones bending more often. I don’t get a lot of pain with them unless I put it in a spot that might not be the best from a moving/work standpoint. My only thought here is wondering how long you have been pumping and if the site might be one that has reached its breaking point and the absorption is gone. That is the site rotation issue that haunts many. Nothing wrong with pulling the infusion set and trying another spot. I usually give it half a day and than I pull it. Good luck. Another reason I always have insulin and syringe with me, just in case.

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