Tandem putting disgruntled 670 users in its sights?


Some will know I’m one of those who threw in the towel on the 670G after several months of struggle. In fact I went back to my old Paradigm pump b/c as a strictly manual pump it’s simpler and more robust than the 670, now languishing in its box in my Emergency Backup Supplies drawer. I’m about to upgrade to Dexcom G6, and in light of what I’m hearing about Tandem’s X2, it occurred to me to wonder, if I did want to buy one out of pocket, how much would that cost. So I went to the Tandem site, and lo, this was being publicized:

If you are currently using a non-Tandem pump for your insulin therapy and are interested in upgrading to the t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Basal-IQ Technology, you have the option to use a new t:slim X2 Pump for the remainder of your current pump warranty for a one-time payment of $999.

Not a whole lot of “non-Tandem” pumps to choose from these days—hard not to conclude this is targeted directly at people in the exact same situation as me: unhappy 670 users who are stuck with a pump that didn’t, for them, live up to its promises, for another 3-4 years. $1k is not cheap, but I might could swing it. Hmmm…

In any case, it seems to be a pretty clear indication that Tandem is reading the user reviews and seeing a weakness to exploit. I truly don’t intend this as a Medtronic-bashing thread; the 670 has a lot of users who are thrilled with it as well. But as for me, well, yay competition.



That is great that you make mention of this.

The Tandem offer clearly has been extended. It was scheduled to end on Dec 31, 2018 but is now listed as running until March 31, 2019.

The primary target customers are former Animas customers who have been left in the lurch. Many are being pressured to switch to Medtronic when quite possibly the reason they went with Animas in the first place was BECAUSE they did not want a Medtronic pump. (Which was us.)

I would guess that current Medtronic customers are a secondary target.


That would do me no good as I’m out of warranty. Imagine if one had 1 years warranty left, spent a grand on the X2 and it goes kaput just after 1 year. That would be a bitter pill to swallow, if it were me.

As far as competition, I wish there were 5 or 6 brands to choose from. Then perhaps they would up their game.



Agreed. Because this is a flat rate and is not prorated for the number of months left, it is not a good deal for everybody.

For example if you only had six months left on your warranty, it would potentially make more sense (financially) to wait it out for your warranty to expire at which point hopefully your insurance would cover the cost of a replacement pump.

On the other extreme, if you recently had obtained your pump and had 3-1/2 years left then the same sum of money over a 3-1/2 year period would perhaps be more reasonable. Obviously everybody is in their own situation.

I also agree that competition drives everybody to be better and ends up being beneficial for the end user.

The worst case scenario is a single pump manufacturer. And it doesn’t matter which one. Many benefits are realized from good and fair competition. Right now we have three pump manufacturers in the USA and there are a couple more in the works.


Glad to see the extension, now I’m tempted again! I was having some regrets.


Aw shucks! I have an Animas pump, but it’s out of warranty. And yes, I’ve been pressured to jump to Medtronic. Glad I found this site to see what others are doing. I’m the only T1 in my social circle. I’ll be looking at the competition after reading several Med complaints here.


As my Animas went out of warranty (and occlusions began), I was directed by my doctor to Medtronic, nothing was said about Tandem. Due to Medicare issues, I was having issues getting Medtronic. At that time, the office added a CDE who had worked with Tandem. She told me about the Tandem integration with Dexcom. The rest is history and I didn’t like the way Medtronic was trying to take totally the pump market.