Tandem X2 out of pocket decision

I have finally come to terms with my choice (though may not be absolutely sure yet). I have used the MM 630G for over a year and the enlite for 11 months of the time before I switched it back to Dex.
I have a 670 pump on the way without their verifying I want it but have talked with Tandem and apparently my best cash cost will be $4300 for the pump. The installment plan cost is $4999, I am told.

Is that in line with what anyone else has paid? Remember, I don’t come from Animus so no deal there. I have always used Medtronic.

It came down to whether I wanted an awkward to fill pump, Tandem, or a totally frustrating cgm (Medtronic). I must use my arms for the cgm and it is a long pain changing or trying to restart the MM cgm. I see no physical difference with their new cgm that goes with the 670 but the photos/graphics online are ridiculously unclear.

Anyone think I am making a mistake? My decision is based solely on the cgm differences and a probable willingness to take longer for the pump cartridge refill.
Today I changed the Dex out in under 5 minutes. The enlite battery took about 30 minutes to charge and then at least 15 minutes or more to get the sensor inserted (awkward insertion) and taped down without the tape sticking together or the whole thing being pulled out as I tried to tape it properly.

Decisions, decisions. I just hope Tandem gets the combo loop going before I kick the bucket. Not a spring chicken!

@Blueburd, last Spring Tandem quoted me $4995.00 OOP/ cash for a T:SlimX2. This was without an installment plan. The Tandem PLGS is forecasted as arriving next quarter, and the HCL (Hybrid closed loop) is possibly 1st half of 2019. I would not be surprised if the pump is also updated to Dexcom G6 in the next 6 months or so, as it means more $$ for Dexcom’s bottom line.


Thanks! Did you buy it, El_Ver?

I did, and I am glad each and every day.

I was on minimed pumps for 16 years and recently switched to Tandem X2. I’ve been on it for about 2+ months. Cartridge and infusion set change is easy, just a bit different. I skip a couple of steps to make it faster. I load the syringe with insulin. Then insert into cartridge and pull out on the plunger to pull air out of Empty reservoir. All of this is done holding cartridge low and syringe high. Then flick the syringe to make sure all air is to the top. Then I push insulin into the reservoir. I watch to make sure no air goes back into reservoir. Never happens even when pushing plunger to bottom of the syringe. The needle and it’s attachment to the syringe has enough volume that air never gets to the tip of the needle. Also, I like the x2 inverter better as it is packaged with the infusion set.

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Thanks, Charlie10,
The set change has been my biggest concern with the X2 because it looks like it takes so many steps and the insertion with a syringe seems way too old a technology. I can do a Medtronic set change in 3 minutes.

I just learned from Dexcom that Medicare recipients can’t get the G6 until December (probably January). That means I will probably hang on to the MM 630 pump until then. Not that I like it but it delays the big out of pocket expense for the X2. I hope I can get it, being on Medicare, at the same time I get the G6 as the closed loop is my goal.
I just had to order a new G5 transmitter and Dex does ask if you are using the Dex receiver or another device. He said he had to ask those on Medicare. I do use and like the receiver so no problem there.

I hope I will be able to find your info on insertion steps when I do get the X2! Thanks.