Tandem t:slim X2 Insulin Pump (Canada)


I am considering switching from the Omnipod to the above-noted pump. I am wondering if anyone from Canada is enjoying this pump? What has your experience been dealing with Tandem’s customer service within Canada?

When you disconnect from the tubing, is there a “cap” for your infusion site and for the end of the tubing with the little needle? This has always been a concern of mine with tubed pumps.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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I’m still using my Animas pump, but am considering the t:slim (or 670G) as my next pump. Insurance forms for the t:slim were just emailed to me yesterday. Coverage for provincial programs is still pending as far as I know.

With tubed pumps, there is a cap for the infusion set and infusion tubing. Having said that, I’m not sure I’ve ever used the tubing cap, and although I do use the cartridge cap when showering, I’ve forgotten to use it many times with no ill effects. Infusion sets are not inserted in a completely sterile manner, so I don’t think there’s any big risk or need to worry about keeping them perfectly sterile when disconnected (though I’d use a cap if, for example, the end of the tubing were going to touch some questionable surface).

Is that likely still pending for all provinces or would the provinces initiate coverage each at their own time?

Have any Canadians been able to get the X2 pumps yet?


When you disconnect the pump with tubing from the infusion set, there is a cap provided to plug into the infusion set. We do not use it often but one place where do use it is on the beach to keep sand out.
In the box of 10 infusion sets, there is an extra little package that has two caps.

There is no corresponding cap for the tubing coming off the pump.

Tim - each province operates independently. My endo said yesterday that even with “Health Canada” federal approval, my province (Alberta) could take another 18 months to approve :tired_face:


Wow. That just seems crazy. But then again - lots of things are crazy.

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Each province would do this separately.

I haven’t heard of anyone using it yet. When I talked to the rep in early November he said they were still getting infrastructure set up for training. As far as I know, the insurance forms just became available yesterday, too. So the only people who may have one is someon who paid $7,000 out of pocket, assuming the pumps are already set up to be shipped out.

I’m guessing you’re using Insets, or whatever the t:slim equivalent of those is?

I’ve used Insets, and those have the two infusion set caps and no tubing cap. But both Comfort sets (again, not sure what t:slim equivalent is called) and Contact Detach (this is TruSteel in t:slim terms) have caps for each set of tubing.

So it depends on the infusion set you use.

@Jen - Correct. Good guess.