Tandem tslim x2 users help now!

When changing cartridge and pushed new cartridge into pump, felt like it didnt click all the way or not as loud as usual? So i unlatched it with a penny and mustve tsken it out all the way then re put it into pump and snapped it into place. Then i saw a litttle tiny round ring on table and thought oh no is this part of the pump that broke off? Called tandem and guess its part of the bittom of cartridge where hole is, that snaps into pump, called an 'black O ring" and that this CAN poo off if it gets disconnected from bottom of cartridge where cartridge meets the metal screw part inside pump where u put cartridge in? …my QUESTION AND FEAR IS…CAN THIS CAUSE A MALFUNCTION/OVERDELIVERY OR LEAK of insulin qnd pump wont know it? Anyone ever continued to use that cartridge and pump after this happened to them??? Afraid to use pumo now, wanted to use new cartridge but guy at Tandem said should be ok???

Fret not, it’s fine. That o-ring had nothing to do with the pump mechanism.


I agree it isn’t a problem, but you could just use a new one if you are worried.

I always end up with extra cartridges and tubing because of the times when a site fails or pulls off.

The reason this happened in the first place is that the piston on the pump wasn’t down all the way so the clip on the cartridge didn’t hit it right. This happens to me once ina while too.

When I change my cartridge I do it differently now. I install the empty cartridge into my pump. Then I fill it already installed, then I go through the menu prompts.
I find installing it empty is easier.

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